How much do you know about the rapper E-40? Well, Earl Stevens, better known as ‘E-40’  is an American rapper who made Oakland a hub of rap culture and gave rise to the West Coast sound. He is also one of the founding members of the rap group The Click.

Have you ever wondered about the personal life of E-40 who has made a plethora of hit records? Well, E-40 has a beautiful wife with whom he has spent most of his life. They are together for 32 years, and yet their relationship is as strong as ever. So, let’s explore E-40’s married life who shares a son with his wife:

E-40 Wife; Together For 32 Years as 0f 2017!

Earl Stevens or E-40 has a beautiful wife and has been married to her for a long time. E-40’s wife is Tracey Stevens. She celebrates her birthday on the 12th of April. She is the sister-in-law of  D-Shot, Mugzi, and Suga-T.

Caption: E-40’s wife Tracey Stevens celebrates her birthday on 12th of April.

Tracey met her future husband, Earl Stevens for the first time at Junior High School. E-40 liked his future-wife, Tracey since 8th grade. But they started dating each other since 1985 when they were in high school. It has been 32 years, the couple supporting each other and living a happy married life. No information has been revealed about E-40’s wife beside her name and birthday. Information regarding Tracey’s family, birth date, and other personal details have not been disclosed. Stay updated to know further information about E-40’s wife, Tracey Stevens.

E-40 Married Life With His Wife, Tracey; Celebrated 26 Years Of Marriage!

Earl Stevens or ‘E-40’ recently celebrated 26 years of marriage with his wife, Tracey on June 22. E-40 married his girlfriend-turned-wife on 22 June 1991. E-40 shared a picture of their wedding ceremony on Instagram where he captioned “Today my Wife & I celebrate 26years of marriage 32years together.”

Today my Wife & I celebrate 26years of marriage 32years together 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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Caption: Rapper E-40 celebrated 26 years of marriage with his wife, Tracey.

E-40’s married life is an inspiration to those who cannot handle their married life for long years. Talks regarding E-40’s divorce often swirls around the people. But looking at their relationship, there is no any sign of divorce until the end of 2017. Who knows what the new year will bring in the life of such a happily married couple? We can just pray for E-40’s married life to last forever with his now-wife, Tracey.

E-40 once talked about their relationship and mentioned that the key to their happy married life is communication. He said:

It’s always good when two people like the same things. The conversation has to naturally happen. That’s when you get into “what you like” and “what are you in to.” Me and Her [Tracy] we love bowling, me and my wife. Any relationship, I’m talking about even with your kids, when you got something they can relate to—both of y’all—it helps. Otherwise, it’s going to be like, “whats up, whats up.”

E-40 Children; Has Two Sons!

Talking about E-40’s children, he shares two sons with his wife, Tracey. They gave birth to their first child; a son Earl Stevens Jr. in the year 1988. E-40’s son ‘Earl Stevens Jr. ‘ celebrates his birthday on 18th of February and is famous by his stage name ‘Droop-E.’ He is also a rapper just like his dad.


Caption: E-40’s son, Droop-E is also a rapper like his dad.

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The couple welcomed their second child; again a son Emari stevens in the year 1995. He is famous as ‘Issue.’ He always put a mask on his face and wants to be a unicorn someday. Issue credits his hard-scrapping musical worldview to his legendary father E-40. E-40’s children are rocking the world like he did at his young age.

E-40’s Wiki-Bio; Age, Birthday, Parents, and Net Worth!

Born in the year 1967 in Vallejo, California, E-40’s birthday is on 15th of November. With the upcoming birthday celebration on 15 November, E-40’s age will be 50. E-40’s age as of now is 49. Be sure to wish E-40 on his birthday.

According to the Wiki, E-40’s real name is Earl Stevens. Though his real name is Earl Stevens, he is popular as E-40. E-40’s height is 6 feet 1 inch. In meters, E-40’s height is 1.85 m. His body weighs 242.5 lbs.

Talking about E-40’s parents, he was born to an aspiring musician Earl Stevens Sr. His parents divorced each other when his age was just eight. After the divorce of his parents, E-40 lived with his mother, and his father paid occasional visits. E-40 along with his three siblings caught on to their mother’s example of hard work and industriousness. He has mentioned their parent’s divorce, on Instagram.

Caption: At the age of 8, E-40 experienced the divorce of his parents.

E-40’s music albums include The Hall of Game, The Ball Street Journal, Revenue Retrievin’: Day Shift, The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1, Sharp On All Four Corners: Corner 1, The D-Boy Diary: Book 1, and much more. He became popular in 2006 after he released the song “Tell Me When to Go.”

As an American rapper, investor, and entrepreneur, E-40’s net worth is remarkable. As of 2017, E-40’s net worth is around $10 million. So far, E-40’s net worth has still a huge space to grow in the coming days. Thus, stay updated to know the latest value of E-40’s net worth.