Dwight Eubanks is popular for his versatility as a hair stylist, reality star, and an entrepreneur who has some hit reality shows and movies. He has been very shady but upfront about his love life.

Dwight Eubanks was said to be GAY when he revealed his past love expeditions. But now he says he is married and that too with a girl? Let’s get a full update on who he was married to and who the lucky girl was.

Gay Dwight Eubanks Engaged To A Girl!

Dwight Eubanks shocked everyone by revealing that he is engaged to a girl back in 2009. He was assumed to be gay by everyone when he revealed that he was previously engaged to a guy working as a lawyer. Perhaps Dwight Eubanks is a bisexual, and he admits on being such very frankly.

Dwight Eubanks threw a grand engagement party for his fiancé in his home earlier. He and his fiance must have been married by now but there are no further details about that.

Eubanks has been extremely secretive in who his fiance is. He has also been protective of their story of how they met and all. Upon his opinion on being bisexual, in an interview he says,

I can’t get a date with a man, but the women are knocking my doors down. They just love you when you can be real about who you are.

His wife too seems to have no problem with his bisexuality. We would love to find out who she is and how she swept him off his feet with her charming ways.

Dwight Eubanks’ Coming Out As Gay!

Dwight Eubanks came out as gay from the start of his previous marriage with a lawyer. This incident was around the year 2009 which is very discreet and vague. There has been no further news on his coming out. On an interview he said,

I was engaged two years ago to a prominent lawyer in the city,

He hasn’t given any public statements but he soon turned bisexual as for apparent reasons, he is married to his fiancé who happens to be a woman. Now, why is that?

Dwight Eubanks’ Salon, His Career as An Actor, Net Worth and More on His New Show Married to Medicine!

Hairstylist Dwight Eubanks has his own salon and is also a TV actor appearing in an American TV series. He has been in the field of fashion and hair styling for more than 30 years now.

Eubanks has his own salon The Purple Door salon in which many big celebrities come for their hair treatment and styling. He also gives training in his salon so it is also known as a beauty training center. His stardom has helped even more with his salon business.

Dwight has also appeared in many TV series. Eubanks is best known for his appearance in the widely popular reality series called “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” His other shows are Paul Mooney: The Godfather of Comedy (2012) and Living Life with Dwight Eubanks (2009). 

Even with his such busy schedule, he still finds time for his salon business and maintains professionalism. Maybe this is why he is so loved by celebrities as well as people.

His hard work has led him towards the net worth of $5.5 million dollars. His most recent stardom comes from staring in this latest Bravo hit show called Married to Medicine. We hope to see more of Dwight’s work and his dedication in the hair styling field intact.

Quick Facts of Dwight Eubanks

How old is Dwight Eubanks?

60 years old

Where is Dwight Eubanks originally from?

Atlanta, GA

Who is Dwight Eubanks’ mother?

Queen Eubanks

What is Dwight Eubanks’ sexuality?


What is the net worth of Dwight Eubanks?

$5.5 million

What is Dwight Eubanks’ nationality?


What is Dwight Eubanks’ ethnicity?

African American