Dr. Michelle Oakley is the first and foremost and the only veterinarian in the world who is able to handle all sort of animal species for the massive square miles in the Yukon region of Northern Canada.

Michelle runs an animal clinic in the village of Haines Junction. Her animal clinic is located at her house which she shares with her man and three children.

Today, on this particular column, we will let you people know about Dr. Michelle Oakley’ net worth, income, earnings, sources of income, professional career, married life, dating history, husband, children, and more. Scroll down to know everything:

How much is Dr. Michelle Oakley’ Net Worth? Earnings and Sources of Income

As mentioned above, Dr. Michelle Oakley is one of the most popular veterinarians who is able to handle all sorts of animal species. She also runs an animal clinic in the village of Haines Junction.

Likewise, she operations clinical sessions in Alaska and even in the Whitehorse, Yukon. Even though the town where she lives has less than 600 people, she still has been able to spread her name and contributions all over the world.

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Besides this, Michelle also spends most of her time in Whitehorse which is the capital of Yukon located around 96 miles away. But her work has forced her to be in the limelight and drive her for long hours.

You also might know her for her animal program that airs on Nat Geo Wild. The name of her show is “Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet.” The show has sole credit for making her appear in the headlines.

We all know that Dr. Michelle Oakley is a rising name and there is a little information described about her. While talking about Dr. Michelle Oakley’ net worth in 2018, her net worth is reported to be around $700 thousand.

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Similarly, Michelle receives around $15,000 per the episode of the show, “Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet.” No doubt, being a veterinarian has helped her to add a huge amount of money to her net worth. Similarly, appearing in the show is helping her to add an extra fortune to her net worth.

As Michelle is still active in the field, no doubt, her net worth will get higher in the coming days.

Who is Dr. Michelle Oakley married to? Know her Married Life and Children

If you are familiar with Dr. Michelle Oakley, then you might be quite familiar with the fact that she is a married woman. You will be surprised to know how she met her husband.

As per National Geographic, Michelle first traveled to Yukon worked as a field assistant and later did ecology study on frozen ground. During that time, she was still a student at Michigan.


Michelle was at school when she first met her husband, Shane Oakley who is a local firefighter by profession. Quickly, after the first met, they fell in love with each other.

Michelle’ husband calls her Squirrel Girl. Soon after dating for a certain period of time, Dr. Michelle Oakley married her husband, Shane Oakley in a private wedding ceremony.

As Michelle is extremely secretive regarding her personal life, she has not revealed much information about her wedding ceremony. The exact date and details of her wedding ceremony are yet to be revealed.

Talking about Dr. Michelle Oakley’ children, she is a proud mother of three children; three daughters.


The pair first welcomed their first child, daughter Sierra Oakley eighteen years ago. Just after a year of welcoming the first child, Michelle gave birth to their second child, Maya Oakley who is currently 17 years old. Her last child, Willow Oakley is 11 years old.