On an ambition to dwell a part-time dual profession, the hunk Dr. Alex George entered Love Island 2018. Well, Dr Alex George is on the key terms to achieve part-time hospital job and part-time media personality. He is confident about his height and ability to get along with another contestant on the show.

Before an entrance in the reality show what was the relationship status of Dr Alex George? What led him to join the TV show Love Island 2018? Are you curious enough to know Dr Alex George dating tales? What about Dr Alex George wiki?

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Let’s dig into Dr Alex George dating life, girlfriends, profession, TV shows, Instagram, age, the journey at Love Island, age, wiki, and bio.

Dr Alex George dating affairs

The doctor has charms off-screen and on-screen. Dr. Alex George had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for four years. The pair grew apart and reason blemished at both of them being young and carefree. However, Dr Alex George is assured that she assumes him to be the loyal and good boyfriend.


Caption; Dr Alex George on Love Island 2018

Dr Alex George even admitted that he had never deceived anyone in a relationship. Once, at the end of a relationship, he confronted with texting someone else other than a girlfriend. He blamed his young age for a cheating advance he has done before.

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Ever since the failed relationship with the previous girlfriend, he stayed single for the entire three years. Then, he turned into Love Island so that his lovesickness could find the way to the treatment room.

Dr Alex George on Love Island

Regarding TV shows, Dr Alex George appears on the love Island. Initially, he partnered with Samira. The pair did not develop a romantic relationship, whereas connected via strong companionship. So, he went on seeking partners in the show.


Caption; Dr Alex George with Samira on Love Island

The new wild card entrant Megan captivated Alex’s heart. On the contrary, Megan coupled with Eyal on the first date. Therefore he advanced towards gorgeous Ellie Brown whose profession is car saleswoman. As a result, the pair had a beautiful first date, which concluded with doctor’s first kiss.  But after recoupling, Ellie changed her mind defying that there is zero sexual chemistry between them. Hope, someone best is saved for our doctor!

“I don’t think there’s any sexual chemistry between us, I’m sitting here now ending something with somebody who I know has got a kind heart, I know is genuine and it hasn’t been an easy thing for me to do, so yeah.”


Caption; Dr Alex George with Ellie Brown on Love Island 2018

Dr Alex George Wiki-Bio; Age, Birthplace, Profession, Instagram, and Facts!

Currently, Dr Alex George age is 27 years old. He is an A&E doctor at the University Hospital Lewisham in South East London. The doctor hails from Carmarthen, Wales who, studied medicine at Exeter University.


Caption; Alex George is an A&E doctor at the hospital

At an early age of thirteen, he laboriously studied medicine to pursue the career in medical field. Now, he aspires to attain success in both facet-medical faculties as well as the TV personality. Thus, Alex confined to serve part-time dedication in both fields. Similarly, he is at his best behavior on the show because of the roundabout cameras rotating every 24 hours a day.

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Dr Alex George Instagram is all about charming quirks and queer stills at the fancy cars. Let’s have a look at;


What’s Dr Alex George is fetching in the girls? He wants a girl to be passionate, open, which attracts him the most. (https://paradiseweddingchapel.com/)

“I don’t like high maintenance girls. I think it’s brilliant to look good but spending three hours to get ready to go and walk on the beach is too much for me.”