A Heavyweight MMA fighter “Donshay White” collapsed after a fight with “Ricky Muse” in Hardrock MMA 90 and died at the age of 37. The event venue was in Louisville, Kentucky.

Death after fight
Caption: Donshay White died after a sensual battle with Ricky Muse.

 Photo Credit: Leo Weekly

The wrestler Donshay had come back in the ring after two years nearly and immediately failed to protect himself against Ricky Muse.

The fight was stopped in 2 minutes and 22 seconds during the second round when Referee Gary Copeland stepped in after White received a series of heavy punches from Ricky Muse.

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White was conscious immediately after the fight ended, but suddenly he was in need of medical attention in the ring. According to Bluegrass MMA-

He made his own way backstage, but “collapsed and became unresponsive.”

And further added:

It was White’s first bout since November 2015.

According to the statement provided by Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission:

Mr. White was attended to by a licensed ringside physician and first responders immediately following his bout, and he received on-site medical attention before being transported via ambulance to the hospital.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Donshay White following his passing on Saturday.

White was transported to KentuckyOne Health Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital after he received CPR, and died later in the hospital. Whatever is the cause of death, it is still unknown.

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Bluegrass MMA community expresses their condolence in the Twitter homepage on 18 July 2017:

Caption: Bluegrass MMA community mourns the loss of amateur fighter “Donshay White.”

Donshay White had his last fight in 2015. He had 1-0 when entered in the Hardrock MMA 90 bout. Donshay’s death follows the recent passing of UFC vet Tim Hague following a boxing match held in Edmonton.

According to his wiki, White age was 37 when he died and he is married. No any further details about his personal and married life have been revealed yet. Identification of wife and children is still behind the curtains.

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It’s obvious Donshay’s wife and children are in a shock knowing he is not around with them anymore. We hope his wife will lead a significant role in children’s life. Donshay will always live in the heart of his wife and children.

The information about Donshay’s salary and net worth is not available as his married life. We will let you know once the information is revealed.

Our prayer is with Donshay White’s family. May his soul rest in peace!