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Donna Peele Completely Out Of Limelight After Divorcing Her Ex-Husband Charlie Sheen, Where Is She Now?

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Donna Peele might be new name to those who started watching movies and advertisement recently, but for those who are into it for long surely knows who exactly she is. Donna is well-known being both model and actress but commonly known to be former wife of Charlie Sheen.

Some celebrities do comeback even after disaster in their life while some get completely ripped off from limelight. Donna is too having similar things in her life. After divorcing Charlie, she went away from razzing Hollywood. So, today we will be discussing about Donna Peele’s married life, divorce issues and her current whereabouts; stay with us!

Married to Legendary Casanova Charlie Sheen and Divorced: Where is Donna Now?

Donna’s ex-husband is known being best of the best Casanova. Married to Charlie Sheen, she came to limelight being his wife. The ex-couple met for the first time in the year 1995, while shooting for a Cigarette commercial.

The duo dated for one and a half months and tied a knot. In the year 1995 September, the pair started a new journey in their life. The wedding ceremony of them was held in Malibu, CA.

Donna Peele and Charlie Sheen in Wedding

One thing that ruffled whole media at that time was that he was going through prostitution trial when the engagement was announced. When he got off from that problem, he gave statement about how Donna means to him.

‘Donna is my angel who came to me straight from heaven to love me and stay with me forever.’

However, this marriage didn’t go well and within six months, they divorced. It was reported that Sheen was the one to attempt divorcing. When he was asked about this split, he replied:

‘It was hard, even to breathe.’

‘Let me say this, when you get a new car and it breaks down; what will be your move?’

Repeatedly after the split, Donna Peele became untraceable. As for now, we have only option to recognize her as Charlie Sheen’s former wife. She is already on her 40’s so we suspect her to be married to someone else. She might be with her family living like an ordinary woman.

What about Charlie Sheen? Who is He Married to Now?

As we mentioned Charlie to be Casanova, girls were never less in his life. He married and divorce thrice for now. Exactly after seven years of divorce, he tied knot with Denise Richards in the year 2002. He met her in the year 2000, engaged in the year 2001 December, and split in the year 2006.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Moving on to his third wife, he hitched with Brooke Mueller in the year 2008. Sad to say, this couple also could not hold ling and divorced in the year 2011.

Up to this time, his marriage used to meet end, but then his engagement was too targeted. He engaged to Brett Rossi in the year 2014, February but was called off in October.