Property and fame are not much interrelated but sometimes they work as complementary to each other. But in the case of Diandra Luker, her popularity rolled down the hill after she got a massive amount in alimony.

So, who is Luker’s former husband and how long were they married? Is Diandra dating a boyfriend after her divorce with her ex-spouse? Let’s find out!

Who is Diandra Luker?

Diandra Luker is an American film producer who is popular due to her marriage to Michael Douglas. Though her works did not become box office hits, she is the producer of multiple movies.

Diandra Luker.

Born on an island of Majorca in Spain in 1956, Luker is currently 63 years of age. Due to her father’s relocation as an ambassador to different places, she initially went to Switzerland and then to the United States.

For her higher education, she went to Georgetown-based Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. Prior to that, she had studied at a boarding school in Switzerland.

Diandra Luker is a Divorce; Is She Dating a Boyfriend?

As already mentioned, Diandra Luker is the ex-wife of Michael Douglas. Luker and Douglas walked down the aisle on 20 March 1977.

Almost two years after their wedding, Diandra and Michael welcomed their first and only child. Luker gave birth to her son, Cameron Douglas on 13 December 1978. Now, Cameron who is 40 years old also is an actor.

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They were doing well in their relationship until the first decade of their marriage. Then started their struggle to keep their conjugal life intact. Subsequently, they officially divorced in June 2000.

Five months after his separation with Diandra, Michael tied the knot with Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Their wedding took place on 18 November 2000 and they are still together. As a matter of fact, they also share two children, Carys Zeta Douglas (daughter) and Dylan Michael Douglas (son).

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As for Diandra Luker, she hooked up with a businessman, Zach Hampton Bacon III. With Zach, she also had twin boys, Hudson and Hawk through a surrogate mother. Later, Luker and Bacon parted their ways and following that she adopted a daughter, Imira. Hence, Diandra is a mother of four children by now.

How Much is Diandra Luker’s Net Worth?

Michael Douglas’ former wife, Diandra Luker has a net worth of $46 million. In contrast, Luker’s former spouse, Michael Douglas has a staggering net worth of $300 million. From her fewer career engagements, it is unlikely for Luker to have earned a massive fortune on her own rights.

Michael Douglas’ movie, The Game official trailer.

Talking about her movies, Luker is the producer of Beatrice Woods: Mama of Dada. The 55-minutes-long documentary film had a budget of $500 thousand. Likewise, she also produced a historical drama, Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen’s in 1997.

The average earning of a film/ television producer in the United States is $66,599 annually. There is, however, no possibility for a low-key producer like Diandra to earn that much. So, what exactly is the source of Luker’s income?

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Luker had an expensive divorce settlement with her former husband, Michael Douglas. As the verdict turned in her favor, Douglas paid her hefty alimony of $45 million and some other assets as well. As a result, she gained both fortune and notoriety as she became a greedy woman in the eyes of some media.

The 63-years old producer also involves in charity works. She started working as a humanitarian worker for the Red Cross Society from a young age. Moreover, she also serves the Metropolitan Museum of Arts by writing documentaries and films.

Body Measurements of Diandra Luker

Diandra Luker stands with a height of approximately 5 feet 8 inches. She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Quick Facts About Diandra Luker

Where was Diandra Luker born?

Majorca, Spain

What is the nationality of Diandra Luker?


What ethnicity does Diandra Luker belong to?


How tall is Diandra Luker?

What color are the eyes of Diandra Luker?


What is the color of Diandra Luker’s hair?


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