For a professional player of any sports, it’s crucial that they keep their full priority to the Game rather hitting the media with their dating or girlfriend news. Especially for young players, they should have their eyes straight to the future and grind their way to the glory.

Maybe, the sun’s young talent, Devin Booker feels the same. The American basketball player is now focused only on bettering his career stats. The youngster has no intention to hit the media with his dating rumors rather he wants match-winning three-pointers.But in today’s world, you can’t guess people’s intention as they surprise you right away. So, does Devin Booker has a girlfriend hidden somewhere? Read along with his wiki-bio, latest career stats, net worth and the likes of this promising basketball player.

Devin Booker’s dating status. Does he have a girlfriend?

For a player of such demanding game in such age, it’s better for Devin to give his full concentration on his career. And Devin seems to be doing the same. As per the reports, the Sun’s shooting guard does not have a girlfriend and is not dating anyone. There is no doubt the player has not been married and didn’t have any children either. Devin is a handsome guy, and he might have been in a relationship with someone in his college years, but now, he is single and isn’t dating a girlfriend.

We can see in his Instagram post too that Devin is in a deep-relationship with Basketball only. Other players flaunt pictures of them with their girlfriends, but Devin always seems to be with the ball even on Instagram.

Ball and a dream

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It’s not like that Devin hasn’t attracted anybody. Inevitably, girls adore him and his games. Even boys love him, but that does not mean he’s gay. A famous YouTuber published a video and confessed in the video that he would be honored if Devin took his girlfriend. Look at this.

Caption: Even boys want their girlfriends to date Devin Booker

The guy was upset with his girlfriend for not sending nudes to Devin Booker. Can you believe that?

Devin should really avoid watching these and concentrate on his games.

Devin Booker’s Wiki-bio and Career stat

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Devin was raised by his Mexican American and Puerto Rican mother. His father is also a legendary basketball player who won the 1994 Big Eight Player of the Year while his time as a point guard at Missouri. Devin Booker’s age is 20 years old now and tomorrow is his birthday. His birth date is 30th October.

Inspired by his father, Devin was passionate about basketball. Booker attended Moss Point High School in Moss Point, Mississippi. Devin played in the 2014 McDonald’s All-American Game. He also played one season at the University of Kentucky from 2014 to 2015 before getting drafted by Pheonix Suns. The Suns drafted him 13th overall in the 2015 NBA draft.

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Devin still plays for the Suns. He has a record of becoming the youngest player to score 60 over in a single game. He finished with a total personal score of 70 on March 24, 2017. Devin generally plays in a Shooting guard position for the Suns as Michael Jordan.

Here are his career stats till now:


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Net worth, salary, and height of Devin Booker

From his basketball career, Devin Booker has accumulated a net worth of $2 Million. It’s a fantastic thing that a lad of his age has such a net worth. He signed a $10 Million contract for four years back in 2015. His salary is $2.22 Million per year. For a basketball player, Devin has a fantastic height of 1.98 m.

The lad is promising and working hard to follow the footsteps of Michael Jordan. We wish him the best for his future career.