An American actress Devika Parikh is popular for featuring in the recurring role as Bonnie on the first five seasons of The West Wing. She is also a regular face on television, commercials, film, voice work, and theater.

Devika Parikh actively involved in the entertainment industry since the early ‘90s. Parikh is still striving for a name and fame in Hollywood. Well, how much fortune does she gather from her acting career? How much are her earnings and salary? Scroll down to know more.

How Much Is Devika Parikh’ Net Worth?

Devika Parikh’ assumed net worth is around $500 thousand as of 2019.  She primarily gathers her wealth from her work in television, advertisements, film, voice work, and theatre. On average, she earns around $39 per hour or $52 thousand per year from her career in movies and TV Shows.

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The Maryland native actress is mainly popular as the co-star and supporting actress on the big screen such as Aquaman, A Bag of Hammers, SWAT, and so on. Nonetheless, she played as the lead role in the movie including Strawberry’s Letter, Mello’s Kaleidoscope, Where The F#, Menage’ and Out of Body Experience.

Devika Parikh' Net Worth
Devika Parikh has assumed net worth around $400,000.

The West Wing actress also starred as a guest star in numerous celebrated TV  shows such as West Wing, 24, Resurrection Blvd, and many more. So, she receives the normal payroll between  $3,000 and $6,200 per episode.

The 1.68 m actress, in addition, makes about $3,000 to $5,000 an ad. Till date, she appeared in over forty national and regional commercials. Additionally, as a voice actress in radio, animation, TV, and films, she summons big bucks of around $150 per hour or $40,000 per year.

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Parikh is also a member of the comedy troupe Foxy, Fine & Funny. Moreover, she adds dollars bills of around $28.5 to $47.5 from her Instagram account as well.

Is Devika Parikh Dating Anyone?

Devika Parikh is not dating anyone at the moment. Considering her age factor, it might be unfair that the 52 years old lady is still living her unaccompanied life instead of enjoying any romantic relationship.

Devika Parikh is not dating anyone
Devika Parikh posing for the photo.

Scrolling through her social sites, we can see that she often uploads lovely pictures with her male friends. Nevertheless, she hasn’t announced anyone as her partner to date.

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As of now, Parikh is busy in her professional career rather than building a romantic relationship with a man.

Quick Facts About Devika Parikh

How old is Devika Parikh?

52 years old

How tall is Devika Parikh?

5 feet 6inches

What is Devika Parikh’s star sign?


What is Devika Parikh’s nationality?


What is Devika Parikh’s ethnicity?

Mixed ( East Indian father and African-American mother)

Which degree does Devika Parikh hold?

Broadcast Journalism Degree from Syracuse University