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Meet YouTube Prankster ‘Derek Deso;’ Broke Up With His YouTuber Girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo Or Still Dating? Exclusive Details!

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Most of the prank viewers are familiar with YouTube prankster, ‘Derek Deso.’ Yes, we are talking about a prankster who once woke up his girlfriend by dropping two live phytons on her. Many people referred him as the worst and the funniest boyfriend who not only put two snakes on his sleeping YouTuber girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo but also invited his friends to watch. According to their YouTube Channel, the couple split last year in May 2017 and are no more in a dating relationship. However, many viewers are still confused regarding Derek Deso dating affair. They consider his break up with Lycette Cornejo as a part of a prank. So, what’s the reality? Is Derek Deso dating Lycette at present? Or, is Derek Deso dating another girlfriend? Let’s find out:

Derek Deso Dating Affair With His Ex-Girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo!

When Derek Deso met his ex-girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo for the first time, she had a boyfriend then. Derek was attracted to her in their first meeting, loved the way she made him laugh, and felt like they both had the same connection. They became friends for a year. And one day, Lycette Cornejo went to California and called Derek.

The couple had lunch together and went to a beach together. While talking to each other, Derek proposed Lycette to be his girlfriend. At the time, he said:

I want you to be my girlfriend. And, I really feel like, I like you!

Derek Deso dating
Caption: Derek Deso and his ex-girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo.

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Lycette Cornejo moved to California next day with Derek and started living together in Derek’s apartment next to his brother’s house. This is how Derek Deso dating relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo began.

The pair enjoyed dating each other for over a year and collaborated their YouTube videos on their respective channels. They used to prank each other on their YouTube channel, and millions of fans liked the couple. But in May 2017, the couple announced on their YouTube videos that they were no more together. Fans found it difficult to believe that they had split as they already did break up pranks a couple of times before. But unfortunately, the time was to get serious and was not for a prank.

While the people were commenting about their break up, Derek Deso confirmed the split with his girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo in one of his videos. Regarding the split, Derek mentioned:

It was a mutual agreement and it has nothing to do with YouTube — not the YouTube pranks, or the challenges of daily vlogging, or editing, or anything like that.

Let’s have a look at the video where he confirmed his break up with ex-girlfriend, Lycette.

Caption: Derek confirmed his break up with ex-girlfriend, Lycette.

According to Derek, the break up was probably for 24 hours or two days and tried to fix the relationship between them. But the things didn’t work, and now Derek is single. However, it looks like Derek’s ex-girlfriend, Lycette is dating another boyfriend, whose name is Michael and has a daughter.

At present, Derek is not dating anyone and is single. He is busy in creating his YouTube videos.

Derek Deso Wiki-Bio; Age, Birthday, Parents, & Net worth!

Born in the year 1987 in Paramount, California, Derek Deso’s birthday is on 27th of April. At present, his age is 30. With the upcoming birthday celebration, Derek Deso’s age will be 31.

Derek Deso attended Bellflower High School. He is a dog lover. Derek has multiple tattoos on his body. His right hand is full of tattoos and has “OMERTA” tattoo in his left hand. He has tattoos on his neck too and on his chest. According to him, all the tattoos he got have their respective meaning.

Derek has not mentioned the name of his parents nor has revealed them. However, he did have said that he loves his family a lot. Derek has two brothers, Ryan and Steven. In one of Derek’s videos, he has mentioned that his mother is an independent woman who raised him and his brothers alone. So, Derek was raised by a single parent. He loves his momma’s fried chicken too much.

Derek has not married yet. He has no wife and children. There is still time for the young prankster for getting married to a wife and have children.

Derek started his career on YouTube through the Channel “TheBoogShow” which he started with three friends: NesBoog, qbanguy and Lil Moco, in August 2010. However, no any videos have been uploaded to the channel since March 2017. Derek runs two other YouTube Channels: “DerekDeso” which has over 1.5 million subscribers and “DerekDesoDaily” which has over 468k subscribers.

As of earlier 2018, Derek Deso net worth is under review. So, stay in touch, we will soon update you on Derek Deso net worth!

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