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Is DeRay Davis Dating Two Girlfriends? Know The Names of His Double Trouble Girlfriends!

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Two women and a baby to be taken care off, some of us might think it to be hard work to do, but as for actor De Ray, it only counts on his skill of managing things. Most of the people can only think of having two girls relationship in fantasy while we have here a man who is living this dream. You might not know, but he lives with two and a half women under the same hood. The half women we mean is his daughter to whom he loves more than anyone. We shall now plunge in the elegance of De Ray Davis dating life along with his management of his everyday lives.

Is DeRay Davis Dating Two Girlfriends?

Internationally known for the show ‘Living with Funny,’ is currently dating two girlfriends named Coco and Caro. Both of them live with him under the same roof since 2013. It seems he is enjoying the way he is living now, as there are no fusses around for such forbidden relationship. We still do not know who he met first either Coco or Caro, but there is no news of split or breakups.

Coco and Caro

His two women names are Crawford who is 23 years old and Caro Peguero who is 25 years old. During the phone interview with Tribune, he exclaimed about the relationship:

‘I live in a dream of men; the girls are also good, getting along with my way of living!’

DeRay Davis Dating Life: A Child in the Middle!

Despite being a dream man with two girlfriends, DeRay, 32; is also a parent of a baby. Although we know he is living with two alleged step-moms and a child, we do not know who the mother of the child is. Davis never mentioned about the mother to the public.

Talking about the love life of Davis with his daughter, we do not have words. More than going through the details in words, we can just see the love on the tweets.

However, there is one another relationship that must be acknowledged by us is the relationship of DeRay with Claudia Jordon. When Claudia was asked for the reason of breakup, she noted and pointed on the two girls living with him.

DeRay’s double-trouble girlfriends and himself are the only ones who are protecting the baby and keeping them safe from the societal disturbances. All we can do now is wish DeRay luck for better future!