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An American professional boxer, Deontay Wilder has held the title of the first American world heavyweight champion for the longest period in boxing history. He appeared consecutively in the world’s second-best active heavyweight by The Ring magazine and Transnational boxing ranking Boards in January 2018.

Lately, Wilder is in highlights on fight square against Joshua Swipe and Luis Ortiz. Also, Deontay Wilder’s net worth ahead of Luis Ortiz’s is hovering around news headlines. He always attempts for a winning streak inside the ring that makes people curious about Wilder behind the boxing facet. Is he married? Did he walk away from his wife and children and started dating young hottie, Telli Swift?

Deontay Wilder Married Life; Divorced His Wife?

Deontay Wilder married Jessica Scales Wilder in 2009. The couple is blessed with three children- two sons, Deontay Wilder Jr. Dereon Wilder, and a daughter, Ava Wilder.

In 2004, the doctor diagnosed Jessica’s unborn child suffering from spina bifida. The duo was suggested to terminate the pregnancy, but they challenged themselves to meet the child yet to be born.

 Boxer Deontay Wilder and his ex-wife, Jessica Scales Wilder.
 Boxer Deontay Wilder and his ex-wife, Jessica Scales Wilder.
Image Source: fabswags

The star was named Naieya, whom Denotay Wilder proudly announced as his hero. She has sparkling happiness in the family while running and jumping out of expectation despite spina bifida.

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The entire scene looked as if some director plunged it out from the movie. But the couple separated after eight years of blissful married life. From that day onwards, they have been quite secretive as well. It would be a question indeed if the pair had divorced? Previously, Deontay dated Helen Duncan. He shares a daughter, Naieya Wilder with his ex-partner.

Wilder Dating Affair After Separation with Wife, Jessica!

The world champion boxer is presently dating drop-dead gorgeous Telli Swift.  Since, 2015 they have been committing to each other as personal life caretaker, where Telli had cited;

“Deontay is my job. I’m his stylist; I’m the chef, I’m the maid, I’m everything. Well, I’m a nurse. So, I can help him heal, recover, and everything else. Before Deontay, I was a nurse here in LA, so I guess that’s what makes it work for him. Being that he’s never lost, I don’t have to worry much. He doesn’t get hit too much, so I don’t worry unless he does and that makes it easier for me.”

Image result for Deontay Wilder and his girlfriend, Jessica Scales
WAGS Atlanta’ Telli Swift, Deontay Wilder’s girlfriend.
Image Source: fabwags

Well, that’s so sweet and fortunate thing ever happened to a boyfriend, Deontay Wilder. Her professional, as well as personal lives along with Wilder, are captured within the American Television reality show WAGS Atlanta, where the couple announced that they are expecting their first baby. Congratulations! And as of now, the couple shares a kid name, Kaorii. Their kids also sometimes appear on Deontay’s Instagram.

Deontay Wilder Next Fight After Luis Ortiz

In the last fight, Luis Ortiz lost to Wilder with the tenth knockout. Now, it has raised the high bar among the audience to watch how Wilder will protect his title from Anthony Joshua.

Image result for Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua
 Deontay Wilder lays down the gauntlet to Anthony Joshua.
Image Source: Daily Mirror

Before the fight, Deontay Wilder roared racism comments;

“Eddie Hearn is just another white man milking a black man that is all. It’s easy. It’s about time for somebody to say it and come out with it and I don’t care who hears it.” I don’t hold my voice, and I don’t have any filters, I speak what I think.”

Wilder confronted that he is always gearing upright for the next fight, no matter how big muscles and fame does an opponent have.

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