Who wouldn’t want to live their life a little bit more? I’m sure everyone does. Knowing that you’re dying soon is the biggest turning point in one’s life. And why wouldn’t it be, after all, it’s going to end your life and you have to withdraw yourself from the people you love and care.

Similarly, this article is about someone who is battling for her life right now. She is none other than the multi-talented singer who is also an  American nightclub, gospel and pop singer, film and television actress, one-time talk-show-hostess and ordinated minister.

Similarly, this article is about someone who is battling for her life right now. She is none other than  American nightclub, jazz, gospel and pop singer, film and television actress, one-time talk-show-hostess and ordinated minister, Della Reese. She is reaching at the end of her glorious life and is preparing to get ready to bid farewell to all her beloved ones. Stay tuned to know more about her illness.

Is Della Reese Going Through a Hard Time? Scroll Down to Find Out What Cost Reese Her Life.

You probably know the bitter truth of life that it doesn’t last forever and it’s against our will. But at some point, you have to accept the fact that you only have a few days left on earth. Life becomes hard when death starts knocking at your door. Similarly, the Touched by an Angel actress’s underwent a fall from a cliff experience after she found out that her health was declining and this time it was serious.

With already two surgeries undergone, Della has shared near-death experience two times in her life where she damaged not only her right brain but also her left optic nerve in around 1970’s. With already going through so much in past which was already life threatening it was like sprinkling salt on the wound when she was diagnosed with type-B diabetes in 2000.

Regardless of all the surgeries and treatment, her health was only getting worse day by day. The diseases that she had slowly was eating her up.  Confining her to a wheelchair was what doctors had suggested. But we all know the kind of lady she is, she doesn’t use the wheelchair as she thinks it makes her condition worse.

The girl who was known as beauty with brains was unrecognizable to the public due to her deteriorating health. She was fighting for life each day which explains how much of hardship she had to face.

The brave girl Della Reese couldn’t hold on any longer and expired on November 19, 2017, at Encino, LA, California. She was 86. During her death, no prior information about the cause was shared by her family members.

A Sneak Peek of Della Reese’s Personal Life along with her Married Life.

Hosts for many TV shows along with numerous guest appearances and side by side a singer with a unique voice that captured many hearts, Della sure was a master of her own. Hats off to this lady for her determination and spirit because of which she was able to achieve so much love and fame from people.

Della started her journey in the showbiz industry at the age of 13 years, and from then Reese was unstoppable. She didn’t only limit her capabilities in pursuing a music career but also entered into movies, TV shows, and series.

With her fame and popularity rising high among the people she shocked everyone with her marriage news with senior factory worker Vermont Adolphus Bon Taliaferro in 1952. However, they divorced, and the marriage was a failure.

Della married accountant Leroy Basil Gray in 1959, but it’s not sure if they divorced or not. Again in 1961 Della married her manager Mercer Ellington. Lastly, in 1983, she married a concert producer and writer Franklin Thomas Left Jr. was was said to be her last husband.

With three failed marriages, Della had a daughter who was adopted, Deloreese Daniels Owens. She had to lose her only daughter in March 2002.

Della Reese’s Bio and Net Worth

The multi-talented singer, Della Reese died at 86 years old. Her years of hard work in the showbiz industry can be seen through her net worth. Her net worth is $3 million and she deserves every bit of it.

She gained worldwide fame and attention when she took up the role in Touched by an Angel. Not only has she managed to make a huge name in Hollywood but has also earned respect from the audience. She has not only been an icon in the film industry but also in everyone’s heart. I’m sure the story of Della Reese’s has made her one of your inspirations.