Gone but not forgotten, actor Dedrick D. Gobert left a great impact in the entertainment industry and garnered millions of fans just in a short span of his film career.

Mostly known for providing justice to the character Dooky in the 1991 John Singleton directed hit movie, Boyz n the Hood, Dedrick D. Gober was an African-American supporting lead actor.

Who is Dedrick D. Gobert?

Dedrick D. Gobert was an American actor.
Dedrick D. Gobert pictured alongside rapper Tupac and director John Singleton.

Born on 25th November in Shreveport, Louisiana, Dedrick D. Gobert rose to fame after he began his acting career in Hollywood by debuting in the 1991 hit film, Boyz n the Hood at the young age of just 20.

Gobert’s role as Dooky in the respective film where he appeared alongside Desi Arnez Hines II earned him a massive appreciation and love from the audience that he is still remembered to this day even after his death.

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Following the super hit succession of his work in the Columbia Pictures‘s hit film; Boyz n the Hood, Dedrick D. Gobert then went on to grace the film industry by working on other films such as Poetic Justice (1993), and Higher Learning (1995), another John Singleton directed film which was released a while after Dedrick’s death.

How did Dedrick D. Gobert die? Learn the cause behind his death.

The unfortunate death of Dedrick D. Gobert took place in 1994 after he got into an argument at an illegal drag race around the time of 2:20 a.m. in Mira Lima, Southern California. Gobert was only 22 when he took his last breath.

Dedrick D. Gobert was gunned down by Sonny Enraca alongside his friend, Ignacio Hernandez, a fellow participant in the race who tried to shield him and girlfriend, Jenny Hyon, who was shot on the neck that left her paralyzed from downwards parts of her body from neck.

Dedrick D. Gobert died after getting into an argument.
Dedrick D. Gobert was shot in 1994 at a drag race.

Enraca, a Filipina national who has been residing at the States for eight years at the time served as the gang member of Akrho Boyz Crazzy (ABC) and soon confessed to his crime after police arrested him.

Charged with two counts of first-degree murder with a deadly weapon, the justice system sentenced Enraca for a lifetime to death.

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Did Dedrick D. Gobert date anyone?

Before his tragic death, Dedrick D. Gobert dated his girlfriend, Jenny Hyon, who was sixteen at the time and as well was shot in the drag race by the murderer, Enraca.

Dedrick D. Gobert was takn by Jenny Hyon.
Dedrick D. Gobert dated his girlfriend, Jenny Hyon who was shot on the neck that left her paralyzed.

Enraca shot Hyon on the right side of her neck. Although she survived, the shooting wound left her paralyzed from the downside part of her neck.

How much was Dedrick D. Gobert‘s Net Worth?

Boyz n the Hood where Dedrick D. Gobert portrayed the role of Dooky, made on the budget of $6 million grossed a big number of $57.5 million, Poetic Justice generated a revenue of $27 million against the budget of $14 million.

Likewise, Higher Learning who made an earning of $38.29 million was super hit too. From his three reputed roles in these movies, Dedrick D. Gobert received his payment with a starting salary of est. $20,000.

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Dedrick D. Gobert‘s net worth is estimated have been near $100,000.

Body Measurements of Dedrick D. Gobert

Dedrick D. Gobert looked lean with a body that carried a weight of 65 kg and a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Likewise, Gobert had brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Dedrick D. Gobert: Quick Facts

When and where was Dedrick D. Gobert born?

November 25, 1971, Shreveport Louisiana

What is the nationality of Dedrick D. Gobert?


What ethnicity does Dedrick D. Gobert belong to?

African American

What color are the eyes of Dedrick D. Gobert?


Which color is the hair of Dedrick D. Gobert?


How tall is Dedrick D. Gobert?

5 feet 8 inch

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