The former member of America’s largest bikers club, Hells Angels,  David Labrava is an American multi accomplished personality. Labrava is famous for portraying the role of Happy Lowman in the FX’s TV series, Sons of Anarchy.

First hired as a technical advisor in the series, Labrava later became one of the mains of the series. He had a soft spot for bikes from a young age and grew up as the Hells Angels’ member.

Who Is David Labrava?

David Labrava is an actor, writer, tattoo artist, and a former member of the Hells Angels. He is famous for playing the character of Happy in the drama, thriller TV series, Sons of Anarchy. Born in Miami, Labrava spent his teenage and adulthood in Amsterdam tattooing and bouncing at a club.

Labrava is also the author of one of the best selling autobiography, Becoming a Son. He also had multiple roles in his first feature film entitled, Street Level. He was a writer on several national magazines.

David Labrava’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

David Labrava possesses a net worth of $9 million. Labrvava gathered his fortune from his multi-faceted career as an actor, writer, and a tattoo artist. He featured in a number of TV series and worked as a co-writer of the TV series Sons Of Anarchy.

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 Labrava featured in all of the episodes of the TV series, Sons of Anarchy. He was with the show since its creation in 2008 and its end in 2014. He was first hired as a technical advisor for the series but later was cast for playing Happy.

Youtube: David Labrava in ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Labrava also wrote the Season 4 Episode 10, ‘Hands’ of the series, the only episode in all of the seven seasons to ever win an award. Moreover, he gathered earnings that ranged from $700 thousand to $1.5 million from his roles in Sons of Anarchy.

The Sons of Anarchy star, Labrava was a tattoo artist in Amsterdam. He spent most of his time tattooing and bouncing at the club. He grew up riding dirt bikes and got his first Harley Davidson when he was 17 years of age. Later he joined the San Francisco’s bikers’ crew, Hells Angel.

Labrava is the author of the best selling autobiography, ‘Becoming A Son’. He wrote, produced, directed, and starred in his first feature film, Street Level which gained good popularity on digital platforms. He also wrote in several national magazines such as Ol Skool Rodz, Burnin and others. Moreover, he made earnings of $80 thousand to $200 thousand annually as an author.

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The actor and tattoo artist also owns two Harley Davidson motorbikes. His first Harley Davidson was the 2009 Dynas that cost around $9 thousand and his second bike was the 2011 Dynas street that worth around $10 thousand.

Nonetheless, Labrava makes an impressive income from endorsements and promotions. He earns $640 to $1.1 thousand per post from Instagram as a social media endorsement. So far, he posted over 1271 times and has 214k+ followers.

David Labrava’s Personal Life: Who Is His Wife?

David Labrava is currently married to his anonymous wife. Labrava is sharing a marital relationship with his wife for a long time, however, he is yet to reveal details about his wife. Labrava and his wife tied the knot in 1998 in a private wedding ceremony.

David Labrava holds a net worth of $9 million
David Labrava with his wife and son.
Source: Metro.Co.Uk

The couple also shared a son from their relationship. Their son, Tycho Spelis Chiusano was born in 2002 after almost four years of their marriage. Labrava was sharing an enchanted life with his wife and son until Labrava’s son died in 2018.

David Labrava’s Son Death

On Wednesday, May 19, 2018, David Labrava’s 16-years old son, Tycho took his own life himself. Labrava’s son committed suicide after getting hard hit by depression at such a young age. Labrava was unaware of his son’s depression as he used to act like a normal happy child before his parents.

Following his son’s death, Labrava posted on Instagram expressing his pain.

Shattered by the loss of his young son in such an eccentric turn of event, Labrava started creating awareness about depression and its consequences. He now runs several anti-depression campaigns and gathers money to donate the depression and bipolar organization.

David Labrava’s Body Measurements

Born on 19th October 1962, David Labrava stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches. Labrava is a good-looking and humble personality with black eyes and a bald head.

Quick Facts: David Labrava

Where is the birthplace of David Labrava?

Oakland, California, USA

What is the Nationality of David Labrava?


Which Ethnicity does David Labrava belong to?


What is the birth sign of David Labrava?


What is the color of David Labrava’s eyes?


How tall is David Labrava?

6 feet 2 inches


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