Everyone has a dream to get a life partner. Unfortunately, some are unsuccessful, but some are very lucky to get the chance. Among them, Swedish Manager Jessica Olsson also put her name as the luckiest girl on this matter. Is Jessica Olsson married?

She is a non-popular face in the Tv industry, but she has popularity on social networking sites. Her huge fan following curious to know her Personal life; including with whom she got Married and how many time? Is he her Boyfriend or ex-husband? What about her children? Let’s dig more details of her Career along with Net Worth.

Jessica Olsson Dating & Affair

Every girl has dreams that she could get wedded with her beloved one. In this case, Jessica is a fortunate woman who got a boyfriend as a life partner. She met her future husband, Dirk Nowitzki on 2010 in Scotland, where charity event organized for the Sports for SEED (Education and Economic Development ) Project. During that time, Jessica was a part of the hosting committee for SEED. 

Nowitzki’s heart set on Jessica Olsson, also, he would have liked to go out on the town with Olsson. On that time, Olsson was an employee of the Dallas Art Gallery. Then, they soon started dating, but their dating period was still mysterious for their fans. While talking about their relationship, Nowitzki said; Jessica is so special for him, what makes her special he doesn’t know but her specialty makes him fell in love.

According to her boyfriend Nowitzki, she is attractive that’s why she fell love at first side. Also, Jessica likes art and sport as her husband, and main important part is, she was also born on a sporty family, where her brothers also played soccer, they are professional. Both have mutual hobbies like playing tennis and traveling.

Two years after their dating relationship in 2012, they were engaged. Recently, he interviewed with a Dallas radio show on 2012, Dirk himself confirming that he is engaged to longtime girlfriend, Jessica Olsson. It happened on Valentine’s Day 2012.

He also added that they already engaged in early 2012. One of the many high-profile guests joining Lance Armstrong at the Adolphus, on the inaugural Dress 4 Yellow Fashion Show benefit for Lance’s Livestrong Foundation Olsson spotted with a big diamond engagement ring on her left hand.

Dirk Nowitzki and his spouse Jessica Olsson
Dirk Nowitzki and his spouse Jessica Olsson

Why Jessica Olsson married twice with the same man? Is he her Boyfriend or ex-husband?

Olsson and Nowitzki are very excited about the marriage starting period of the relationship. The couple got married on July 20, 2012. While talking about their wedding, Nowitzki said

You’re a team and pulling on the same string. You try to make it work and chemistry has got to be there. That is just the way I was raised.

The couple comes from a different culture, so the Jessica Olsson married in July 2012 with traditional wedding ceremonies in Germany and Kenya. Their first traditional wedding ceremony held in Kenya, and they hitched in a traditional African wedding style.

In true Kenyan tradition, the Kikuyu wedding, Nowitzki needed to distinguish his better half in a gathering of five or six secured Kenyan ladies. Pick wrong, and Dirk would be surrendering a goat. It was an unforgettable experience for the Mavericks star  Nowitzki. He expresses that

I guess it’s one of the traditions. If you get it wrong, you got to pay the parents a goat or something. So I was lucky. I smelled her to find the right one. So, I got lucky there. But that was just an experience that I’ll never forget

Jessica Olsson children

Like most parents, the Nowitzki’s are navigating through parenthood with a mixture of love and discipline in efforts to raise responsible, educated children. In July 2013, they gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Malaika. Then, two years later, they welcomed their second child, a son, named Max and they welcome a third baby boy named  Morris in November 2016.

The couple knows how to grown-up children. To ensure that their kids are fully in touch with their roots, the plan is to visit both Germany and Kenya yearly to learn about and embrace their heritage. They said:

We don’t want them to just grow up. We want to show them different cultures, different languages so they can grow up, become educated and make educated decisions when they’re older on where they want to live, what they want to do.

And Jessica added:

Dirk Nowitzki is very funny, dedicated and a bit of a pushover dad

Youtube: Dirk Nowitzki and his spouse, Jessica Olsson Nowitzki

Let’s dig her Personal life, Career, and Net Worth

Jessica Olsson was destined to a Swedish father and a Kenyan mother in Kenya. Jessica made her name for being the sister of two surely understood soccer players and also the spouse of the NBA Superstar Dirk.

She is the partner executive of the Goss-Michael Foundation artistry exhibition. She loves to keep her bio private as she is a privacy concern lady. Besides her non-popular career, she is famous in the networking site. She has crazy followers on twitter account and on other social sites too.

Jessica is an entirely looking wonder of blended ethnicity. She is of immaculate stature, and her tallness coordinates the size of her 7 feet spouse. They reside in the Billionaire’s Row in the Dallas. Her exact total assets are not present on the internet, but rather her family adds up to $8 million assets, and her estimated Net Worth is $1 million. In contrast, her husband, Dirk has an estimated net worth of around $140 million as of 2020. 

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