Christian rap artist Lecrae wife Darragh Moore is one of the luckiest celebrity wives. Her celebrity husband gives time cutting off his shows and performances. She lives blissfully with her husband and three children.

Lecrae is a successful man in his profession. However, he does not let his profession and career overshadow his family life, wife and children. Is Lecrae still married to his wife? Let’s focus especially on Darragh Moore’s wedding and married life with her husband Lecrae along with her husband’s dating and abortion case and their children.

Is Lecrae still married to his wife? Darragh Moore’s Wedding and Married Life with her Husband

The Rap singer Lecrae has a successful musical career. While he could be very busy in his musical shows all the time as per the growing demands, he prefers his precious time for his wife and family.

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Darragh Moore with husband Lecrae

How did such a good wedding relationship develop? Some sources also speculate the near split of their engagement, but, are not verifiable. The exact date of their marriage is not exactly known.

Must be before May 30, 2011, when Lecrae tweeted how badly he misses his wife when she is out:

“My wife is out of town & I’m super bored! Thinkin of building a toothpick hut, getting a copper mouth piece, or squirrel hunting.”

After the wedding, Darragh Moore is happy as she has got a loving husband who gives priority to her even than his own career. Might be a bit disappointing news for Lecrae’s fans. For Darragh Moore, the couple seriously sits and plans together for their upcoming future.

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While both Lecrae and his wife Darragh say that they are extremely busy in the coming year, they refuse to reveal what their schedule is like. Well, did you get the answer to, is Lecrae still married to his wife? You sure did, didn’t you?

Lecrae’s Wife Darragh Moore’s Children

Darragh Moore and husband Lecrae have three children. They like keeping their children away from social media and so do not share much about them.

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Lecrae Wife Darragh Moore with their children

They view it is better if the children remain away from too many social concerns and focus on the family and studies. The duo also thinks their children do not like much social attention.

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The couple will be correct as long as the children are themselves unable to make their decision. Let’s see what happens when they cross infancy and reach their adolescence.

Darragh Moore Wiki Bio

Lecrae wife Darragh Moore, who has a net worth of $6 million, does not like much social attention. Hence she does not share much of her personal life. Despite the fact that she is married to the American rapper Lecrae, and that the couple has three children, they don’t share much information.

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Even the exact date of Darragh Moore wedding with husband Lecrae is not out. It might be because she has not earned much fame. We will soon update the information after it is made available. Stay connected with us.