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Danielle Mullins who once became the hot topic of every American’s house is not as such a celebrity as one might think of. But she was rather a part of the documentary show ‘90 Day Fiancé’. She instead brought the publicity through the scandal that took place in her life.

So let’s discuss in detail about her all those fusses along with her controversial relationships. Also know her net-worth, career, early life and many more.

Danielle Mullins Career and Net Worth

Danielle started her career as a TV personality with TLC’s, the 90 Day Fiancé. The show is an American documentary series which brings couples who have 90 days to decide to marry before their visa gets expire.

Danielle Mullins
Danielle Mullins,

Source: The Ashley Reality Roundup

According to the visa petition, the partners, if don’t get married within 90 days, the other foreign half has to leave the country with his initial nationalities.

Featuring on 90 Day Fiancé might turn people into celebrities with their own cults following. But the show alone doesn’t bring them the greens that celeb is ought to get, at least according to insider reports. But as to the whereabouts of Mullins paychecks, we leave you with figures from the back-of-the-envelope of rather our own.

To start the metrics, Nikki Cooper, one of the couples on Season 5, stated on Facebook that couples get $1,000 per episode and $2,500 to appear in the tell-all. And if the numbers are correct, show’s stars are should be raking about $15,000 per season of the show.

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Cooper further complained that the 90 Day Fiancé crew is quite thrifty. Though she and her husband Chris Thieneman, weren’t officially the stars on the show, their home instead provided as a filming location. Yet, the company only offered $100 to cover the expense of cleaning after the crew tracked dirt through the house, according to In Touch.

Other ways the 90 Day Fiancé stars make money

The exact salaries people earn for 90 Day Fiancé still aren’t clear. But we do know that most people who appear on the show, like Mullins herself were looking for other ways to make money.

One such incident, Jon Walters, appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. And add to that he was also receiving additional checks for cameos on other relative shows.

As for Mullins, the estimations still doesn’t meet up her exact fortune. For the time being, you can bet that she is now far from her mundane household income. As after all those notable appearances of hers in such a high profile drama.

Danielle Mullins Current Marital Life

The now 44 years old Danielle Mullins is currently a divorcee. Recently, Mullins divorced her ex-husband. And according to her sister, she is already in another relationship with her new boyfriend. And this new guy is from another state which is 6 hours far from that of her Mullins’.

After the controversial situation, she faced during her previous relationship, Mullins does not seem to bring up more about the new boyfriend. It seems she wishes to keep her now personal life much to herself.

As per Mullins, she explained with the Celeb Live Update that the new relationship brought a change in her life. She also added that a long distance relationship does not bring hiccups in her relationship. In fact, Mullins seems more lively with this new relationship and says that she had not been this happy in quite a long time.

Danielle Mullins’ Past Relationships

Danielle Mullins came into fame through the documentary show ‘90 Days Fiancé. The reality drama series airs every Sunday at 8 pm on TLC.  It was around this time that Danielle met fellow show star Mohammad Jabeli and quickly after a while began dating with him. They were the power couple of show’s season 2 in October 2014.

Danielle Mullins with Mohammed
Danielle Mullins with Mohammed,

Source: Starcasm

To take it from the beginning Danielle and Mohammad first met through a dating site MeetMe where both of them soon hit it off and later decided to meet up. Mohammad eventually met Danielle in 2013 and soon after the meeting the couples decided to take their relationships all the way to marriage.

Danielle Mullins Controversies with Her Ex-Husband Mohammed

But ever since the marriage, the nuptial life for the duo didn’t seem to go well. And later much to their irreconcilable differences, Mohammed Jabeli finally decided to end up the relationship with Danielle. To add to the bitterness, Mohammed also claimed Danielle to be mentally ill and that she was cheating on him with many other men.

Danielle Mullins with Mohammed
Danielle Mullins with Mohammed,

source: fun and lifestyle

Furthermore, he added that Danielle used to threat him in the name of deportation if he resists to sex with Danielle. According to Mohammed, Danielle often stole money from him, used his credit card without his knowledge and also used a fake account using his name.

Ultimately Danielle came forward disagreeing to the very blames that Mohammad implied on her. Danielle assailed that Mohammad was the one who instead cheated on her just to get the green card and become a US citizen. She also confronted that Mohammad refused to the sex even after marriage forwarding his religious views.

Mullins also added that Mohammed was repeatedly having sex with other 90 Day Fiancé stars but Mullins herself. Besides, it was Mullins the first, who filed for an annulment of the marriage. But with a collective agreement to remain in contact with each other even after divorce as friends, they finally signed their respective dissolution statement.

However, Mohammad didn’t follow the truce and hence as of now is no more in Mullins’ life.  Mullins, on the other hand, did not seem to be condoning him that easily as for a while she gave it all in trying to deport Mohammed to his country.

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Watching Mullins’ relationship history, she was already a divorcee with four children even before she met Mohammad. As for now, we can only hope that her current relationship prevails well with her.

Danielle Mullins Wiki-Bio; Early Life, Children, On-going Media Rumors

Danielle Mullins was born on February 24, 1973, in Ohio, US. She came to prominence rather during her midlife. She is a mother of four children; three daughters and a son. Mullins is very protective who prefers to keep her children far from the limelight. As per her, Danielle’s daughters were always by her side when she went through some hard time.

Danielle Mullins
Danielle Mullins,

source: Us weekly

As for now, she currently resides in her hometown of Ohio. Recently after her TLC’s days, Mullins again came to media vibe this time with rather her own crisis.

Quite hard to believe, in the month of December in 2018, Danielle Mullins turned to her fans for help with some of her financial crunches. Check out the video which shows that she is asking her fans for help:

She was apparently asking her fans and followers to help her out of a tight spot — to the tune of $5,000. Evidently, the money was to take her home out of from those mortgage traps.

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But later considering her once a lavish period in 90 days Fiance, people rather went on to decide to let go of this rumors. And as to whether Mullins was actually at the rock bottom or not is still a matter of substantiation.

Besides, Danielle is not so active on social media including Instagram and Twitter.