‘Fear of the Walking Dead’ actor Daniel Salazar, played by Ruben Blades, has made a shocking return to the show. He came back alive but as a monster in the show.

His return was revealed at the end of the season three third installment. And it was confirmed by Dave Erickson as the character is supposed to have died in a fiery explosion in the midway of the season 2.

Ruben Blades character as Daniel Salazar in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is returning to the show.
Caption: Ruben Blades character as Daniel Salazar in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is returning to the show.

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According to Variety, he was asked; when he found the news that he was alive and hadn’t died. He said,

“I knew the return of Salazar was something that was possible because of the way the last episode with Salazar — in that burning cellar — was staged. When I finally got the word I was very happy.”

Also, he was asked if he felt surprising about the news of his return. He said,

“Absolutely. I was hoping for it and I was glad it happened.”

The return of Daniel Salazar wasn’t the only shocking news. There is next surprising news ahead when the latest episode of the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ was almost entirely in the Spanish language. And the non-Spanish speaking viewers were enforced to read the story with subtitles.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner said,

“One of the great upsides of the show last season and this season is because we are in Mexico, it has become something of a bilingual show, which I like. I knew I wanted Daniel to have his own episode, and since that episode took place in Mexico and obviously he was coming into contact with Mexican characters, there was no reason for him to speak English.”

He added,

“I hope that people don’t get frustrated by the subtitles, but creatively, it just made sense. If you’re telling a story that’s set in Mexico and the characters are all Spanish-speaking characters, there’s no reason to play it in English.”

And as per Heavy, throughout ‘Fear of the Walking Dead’ Daniel had a tattoo on his lip that shows ‘SN’. According to Dante SN means Sombra Negra that refers to a death squad which actually exists in real life. They are supposedly made of police and military who are targeting the gang members and criminals for a form of Justice.

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With beginning the filming of season 8 and making the episode more special, the season premiere has marked the shows 100th episode. In a discussion with Entertainment Weekly, he was asked about the filming of the 100th episode to which he said,

“We never imagined we’d make it to 100 episodes. It seemed like such a far-off goal, it was hard to even contemplate at that time — we just wanted a second season.”