Actor Daniel Kaluuya belongs to the black community who once said in an interview on 13th March 2017,

“I resent that I have to prove that I’m black and I don’t know what that is. I’m still processing it.”

He has proved the whole world that being black is not the curse to the society through his outstanding acting skills on, Get Out. Kaluuya has now become a newly minted star with Golden Globes, Independent SpiritGotham, and two SAG Award nominations. Furthermore, Variety honored him with Creative Impact in Acting, 3rd January at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs. But is there someone with Daniel to celebrate his achievement? Is Daniel Kaluuya dating a girlfriend? Or better, has Daniel Kaluuya married someone already? Let’s know the facts along with his career and wiki-bio:

Daniel Kaluuya’ Career

Because of a poor economic condition, Daniel Kaluuya couldn’t attend acting school. Daniel Kaluuya career started as a teenager in improvisational theatre. He had written his first play at the age of nine. He then joined the cast in Skins as Posh Kenneth where he served as a contributing writer for the first two seasons and as the head writer of the episodes Jal and Thomas of the series. Daniel then appeared as a guest star in many popular TV series such as Doctor Who, Lewis, Silent Witness, Harry and Paul, Comedy Lab, FM, and so on. He was referred to as a UK Star of Tomorrow in the 2009‘s annual report of the Screen International Magazine.

Daniel Kaluuya won the Critics’ Circle Theatre Award and Evening Standard Award for Outstanding Newcomer in 2010, for his lead role in Roy Williams‘ Sucker Punch. He then played in many short films between 2011 and 2013 and the most notable ones was Baby which won the Best Short Film Award at the British Independent Film Awards and Edinburgh International Film Festival. He then starred in the films such as Johnny English RebornKick-Ass 2,  Sicario, and Welcome to the Punch.

Daniel Kaluuya made his debut as one of the lead characters in an episode of the anthology series Black Mirror, entitled Fifteen Million Merits. From Channel 4, the episode was subsequently released on Netflix in the United States after gaining popularity. His performance in Black Mirror attracted Jordan Peele who later cast him in American horror-thriller film Get Out in 2017. It became a breakthrough role to Daniel Kaluuya’ career in the film industry.

Vice President and also, Executive Editor of Variety, Steven Gaydos said:

The terror, tension, humor, and fury of this powerfully effective cinematic balancing act all rests on the shoulders of this brilliant young British actor who communicates universal anxieties without ever losing the essential home address of his beleaguered African-American hero

Daniel Kaluuya also appeared in the movies: Black Panther and Widows. He is without a doubt, an actor to watch this year.

Daniel Kaluuya’ Dating Life; Who is Daniel Kaluuya’ Girlfriend?

What do you think of the English actor Daniel Kaluuya’ dating life? Is the Get Out actor, Daniel Kaluuya dating a girlfriend? If then, who is the luckiest girl to be Daniel Kaluuya’ girlfriend?

If you have watched Get Out, then you are familiar with his white girlfriend Rose played by actress Allison Williams. The story of the film starts with the milestone of their dating affair when a young African-American, Chris, portrayed by Daniel visit to meet his girlfriend’s parents for a weekend.

In an interview with Interview Magazine, Daniel Kaluuya mentioned about his first girlfriend’s parents, recalling the incident similar to ‘Get Out.’

My first girlfriend, we went to a play. She got a text when we were coming out of the play and she said, “Shit, my dad is here. I haven’t told him about you.” We went downstairs and he was outside in the car, and he was just like, “Come here! Come here now! What are you doing?!” It was a bit crazy. I’d never, ever met him, so it was a pretty weird situation and she was really frustrated because obviously, he didn’t want his baby girl to start dating. That’s life though.

Daniel also mentioned that it was a tricky situation for him but couldn’t stop himself dating his girlfriend. He didn’t mention the name of his first girlfriend. However, Daniel is not in a relationship with his first girlfriend anymore. So, who is Daniel Kaluuya’ girlfriend at present?

According to, Daniel has already been taken and is off the market. He has a red-rocking girlfriend whose name is Amandla. Daniel’s relationship with his girlfriend, Amandla came into limelight when his stylist let the cat out of the bag, as she had styled the couple for MTV Movie and TV awards.

Daniel has not disclosed anything about their dating affair and has remained silent whenever it comes to talk about his girlfriend. We hope Daniel will soon confirm his dating affair and announce his girlfriend to the public.

Daniel Kaluuya has not married yet. He has no wife and children at present. There is still time for the young actor to get married to a wife and live the rest of the life with his wife and children. So, for now, Daniel Kaluuya’ married life, wife, and children are all future talks.

Stay in touch for more updates on Daniel Kaluuya’ dating life!

Daniel Kaluuya’ Wiki-Bio; Age, Birthday, Height, & Parents!

Born in the year 1989 in London, England, Daniel Kaluuya’ birthday is on the 8th of May. At present, Daniel Kaluuya’ age is 29.

Daniel Kaluuya was born to Ugandan immigrant parents. He has not revealed much about his parents and family. Information on Daniel Kaluuya’ parents will be available soon!

Daniel Kaluuya’ height is 5 feet 8 inches. In meters, Daniel Kaluuya’ height is 1.74 m.

Daniel Kaluuya is not active on social media. He has no Instagram and Twitter account. He had a Twitter account for a brief period but has been removed now.

Daniel Kaluuya’ Net worth

As an emerging actor, Daniel Kaluuya has an excessive net worth. The year 2018 resulted in the massive growth of Daniel Kaluuya’ net worth. However, currently, Daniel Kaluuya’ net worth is under review. Some tabloids state that Daniel Kaluuya has a net worth of over $5 million.