A transgender Democrat Danica Roem, a former journalist, defeated one of Virginia’s most socially conservative and incumbent Republican candidate Del. Bob Marshall. She became the first openly transgender candidate, elected to the Virginia House of Delegates on 7th November, Tuesday.

Danica Roem has made a history of being the first openly transgender person, elected and seated in a state legislature. Ms. Roem, who is a heavy metal vocalist had 54 percent of the vote with 19 of 20 precincts reporting. Last year, Hillary Clinton won Ms. Roem’s district by 14 points over Donald Trump.

Democrat Danica Roem elected to the Virginia House of Delegates on 7th November
Democrat Danica Roem elected to the Virginia House of Delegates on 7th November

Bob Marshall, 73, has served in Virginia’s House of Delegates since 1992. He had been elected 13 times since then. He introduced a “bathroom bill” to the legislature earlier this year and had referred to himself as the state’s “chief homophobe” once. However, the bill never made it out.

The race between Ms. Roem and Mr. Marshall focused on traffic, jobs, and other local issues in Prince William County.

Mr. Marshall expressed his loss on Facebook Tuesday where he said:

Though we all wish tonight would have turned out differently, I am deeply grateful for your support and effort over the years. I’m committed to continue the fight for you, but in a different role going forward.

Danica Roem Married/Dating; Who Is Her Husband/Boyfriend?

In regards to Danica Roem’s married/dating life; Danica Roem prefers to keep her personal details extremely low key. However, millions of people are curious to know whether Danica Roem has married someone or not. If yes, then who is Danica Roem’s husband? If not, then who is Danica Roem’s boyfriend? These questions often arise in the mind of millions of people.

Though she has not talked anything about her dating/ married life, it looks like she has not married yet. Instead of a husband, she has a boyfriend in her life. She has been dating her boyfriend for two years and is in living relationship. Her boyfriend has a 9-year-old daughter, whom Danica considers her stepchild.

While talking about her boyfriend and her stepchild in an interview with Cosmopolitan on 14th September 2017, she said:

I don’t want to expose my family to this shit

Her stepchild studies in the Prince William County school division. She has been active on her stepchild’s school board.

We respect Danica Roem’s decision to keep her boyfriend and her stepchild out of the spotlight. Afterall, it’s the human right that Danica has since her birth. But we hope, she will soon get married to her boyfriend and turn him into a husband. And of course, we also hope she will consider her stepchild as her own child in the coming days.

If you have an interest in Danica Roem’s dating/married life, then stay updated!

Danica Roem’s Wiki-Bio; Age, Birthday, Ethnicity, Parents, and Net Worth!

Born in the year 1984 in Virginia, U.S. Danica Roem’s birthday is on the 30th of September. Following the recent birthday celebration, Danica Roem’s age became 33. Just two months before, Danica Roem’s age was 32. Danica Roem’s ethnicity is Caucasian. Danica Roem’s height is 5 feet 11 inch. In meters, Danica Roem’s height is 1.80 m.

According to the Wiki, Danica was born to parents Marian and John Paul Roem. Anthony Oliveto, her maternal grandfather, acted as a father figure as Danica Roem’s father committed suicide when her age was just three.

Danica is a vocalist on the heavy metal band Cab Ride Home. Her most recent album entitled “Crash the Gate” was released in April.

Danica has won awards from the Virginia Press Association seven times as she has worked for nine years as a reporter for the Gainesville Times and Prince William Times.

Danica is a transgender who came out as transgender in 2013. However, she changed her real-name in 2015.

As a singer and former journalist, Danica Roem’s net worth should be a little high. However, Danica Roem’s net worth is under review as of 2017.