There is buzz all around the media about Dan Stevens’ wife. Dan Stevens married a woman who is seven years older than him. An age gap of these many years is not normal for many. But, for Dan Stevens, this is more than normal and he considers himself lucky. (

Well, every husband or wife says so. They are lucky that they have so and so spouse. What is special with Dan Stevens? Dan Stevens wife and married life get a lot of credit for the growing success of the Downtown Abbey actor’s career, movies, and net worth.

What makes Dan Stevens credit his wife and married life for his success? Who is his wife who has been so much supportive of him? What role do his parents and children play in his career growth? Read our Dan Stevens Wiki to know all about his married life, family, movies, and career accomplishments.

Dan Stevens Wife And Married Life: How Long Were They Dating Before They Were Ready For A Married Life?

Dan Stevens wife is Susie Harriet. He tied the knot with Susie in 2009. At that time, Dan was in the making of his career and Susie was well known among the movie goers. Describing their first meet during their theater roles in Sheffield, England, The Telegraph quotes Dan:

“I was getting my kit off every night at the Crucible doing The Romans in Britain, and she was appearing in a musical. We met and it was pretty instant.”

It was in 2006 they first met during their theater and targeting big movies, and then they felt that they deserved to be with each other. Dan recalls her ignorance of the British class made him soon decide that Susie Harriet was his type. Soon they tied their knot and settled into married life from 2009.

Dan Stevens’ Wife And Children: Family Happiness And A Successful Career Possible Because Of His Wife

The first meet with Susie Harriet instantly got a new dimension of a loving relationship and frequent dating. Dan was only 24 and started thinking of a long-term relationship with a woman who was 7 years older than himself.

Dan Stevens’s Parents, Family Background, And His Family Consciousness

A permanent settlement into a family and the happiness of wife, and children attracted Dan without any compromise in his movie career. Dan Stevens is a family conscious person and the background of his family, parents, and siblings also shaped the way he perceives family.

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As a matter of fact, Dan must have felt the lack of love of his real parents. He and his brother belong to different mothers and he has serious concerns about the family support for a person’s career development. He recalls how his and his brother’s children grew together in the family fill the gap he must have felt.

Dan Stevens’s Happiness And His Wife’s Sacrifice: Perfect Family And A Perfect Career

Although it was not expressed publicly, Dan Stevens must have felt the lack of family support and cheers together. Furthermore, he conceals the feelings but must have shared his story to his wife Susie Harriet. Susie understood and was ready to handle Dan Stevens’s happy family while Dan could escalate into the Hollywood gaits.

The couple married in 2009 when Susie Harriet was pregnant with Dan’s baby. After five months of their wedding, they welcomed their first baby girl, Willow in December 2009. Further, when his daughter Willow was 21 months old, Dan Stevens talked to The Telegraph that fatherhood is “something every actor should do. And I certainly know enough actors who are practicing.” With amusement, he added:

“In my case, it made me rethink the way I approach work. It feels both more – and less – important. I want to spend as much time as I can with my family, yet I’m aware of having to bring home the bacon. I also want Willow to be proud of me and to be able to point to the screen and say, ‘There’s Daddy.’”

Since 2009, Dan Stevens felt blessed with his first daughter’s babbling sound and was together accelerated his acting career. Fortunately, his wife started looking after their babies. Moreover, she became happy for Dan’s happiness as well. After she started married life, she did only two movies Forget Me Not (2010) and The Dark Room (2010). Thanks to her sacrifice that Dan became stronger with a happy family and never had to look back in his career.

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Dan earned 39 credits for TV movies, shows and big screens without any disturbance from his wife or children. His wife on the other hand never complained she got only two movies then. Currently, Dan is the father of three children, Willow, Eden and Aubrey Stevens.

Dan Stevens Wiki: From Age And Height To Movies And Net Worth

Dan Stevens’ age is 36. Born on October 10, 1982, in Croydon, Surrey, England, he is 7 years younger than his wife Susie Harriet. He has a demanding height of 6 feet and has altogether 39 credits for his TV and big screen movies.

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Matthew Crawley‘s TV series Downtown Abbey (2010-2012) made him popular among the audience. He is popular also for The Guest (2014) and Beauty and the Beast (2017) which hit the screens since November 2017.

With the increasing popularity and growing demand in the entertainment industry, Dan Stevens collects a handsome wealth. As of 2018, his estimated net worth is $4 Million and is very likely to escalate in the coming years. Thanks again to his supportive wife for all the happiness and support for his career in movies and the handsome net worth!