Highest-Earning YouTuber of 2017: Dan Middleton’s Married Life And His Net Worth; Who Is Dan Middleton’s Wife? Know The Details!

Born NameDan Middleton
Birth PlaceThe United Kingdom
Eye ColorBrown
Zodiac SignScorpio
WifeJemma Middleton
Net Worth$30 million

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A famous British YouTube personality, especially renowned in the gaming world, Daniel Middleton aka DanTDM is a professional gamer. He is the owner of the successful YouTube Channel “DanTDM” formerly “The Diamond Minecart.” DanTDM has garnered over 16 million subscribers and mainly focuses on the popular game Minecraft.

According to Forbes magazine, Dan Middleton is the highest-earning YouTuber of 2017. He made his fortune filming himself playing games online.

Let’s learn today how he made such a fortune in a year. Also, be familiar with his married life. Do you know who his wife is? Let’s learn now:

Dan Middleton Net worth; Highest-Earning YouTuber of 2017

Dan Middleton started off filming himself playing Minecraft and Pokémon five years ago. Before setting up his YouTube Channel DanTDM, he used to be a Tesco worker.

His videos mainly aim the audience of 5-10 years of age and have amassed over 10 billion views with more than 16 million subscribers.

Dan has also toured the world with sell-out live performances which include a date at the Sydney Opera House and become the second-fastest selling show in the venue’s history. Let’s have a look at one of his DanTDM’s videos:

Dan’s videos mainly focus on Minecraft now. He also holds the Guinness World Record for the most-viewed dedicated Minecraft video channel. With the aid of these videos, he has become the highest earning YouTuber of 2017.

Net Worth

According to Forbes, Dan has earned £12.3 million ($15.59 million) this year. Dan Middleton net worth graph plot has suddenly increased to the highest peak.

From a Tesco worker, he has become a millionaire now. His earning as of December 2017 is £12.3 million.

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As of 2018, he has an accumulated a net worth of $30 million (£23.66 million) as per Celebrity Net Worth. Now, in 2019, he has made a whopping $2 million (£1.58 million) addition to his total fortune making his wealth, $32 million (£25.24 million) for now. His major source of income is his YouTube career from where he is making a jaw-dropping amount.

Moreover, Dan makes $33.1 thousand – $529.2 thousand monthly and $396.9 thousand – $6.4 million yearly from his YouTube. His channel has over 20.8 million followers currently.

Likewise, the star makes $5,840.25 – $9,733.75 from his Instagram account. As of 2018, his Instagram account has over 2.9 million followers with more than 1.1 million likes on his posts. As per some sources, he makes $69 thousand a day after he quit Tesco.

Dan Middleton Married Life; Who is Dan Middleton Wife?

Is there someone with Dan Middleton to share his net worth? A girlfriend or a wife? Has Dan Middleton married already? If he tied the knot, who is his wife? Let’s not ask these questions from today as you are close to the answers:

Well, Dan is a married man. Yes, he has a beautiful wife to share his earnings. Dan is living a blissful married life with his wife, Jemma Middleton currently. He is happy to have such a supportive wife in his life. Jemma is also a YouTuber like Dan.


Moreover, Middleton married his now-wife, Jemma on 17th March 2013 after dating for several years. Quick Fact: Jemma was 21 years old when she walked down the aisle with Dan. Since then, the couple is still together and is living a blissful life. His wife, Jemma also loves to play Minecraft and has appeared in several videos of DanTDM with her husband.

Recently on March 18, 2019, Dan posted a photo of himself and his beloved wife on his Instagram wishing his life partner a happy 6th anniversary.


Similarly, his wife, Jemma also took to Instagram on March 23, 2019, to share since when the duo was together from. As the post suggests, the married couple is together for a whole 10 years now, from their teenage days to their grown-up days.


Talking about Middleton children, he has not yet become a father. Dan and his spouse are busy developing their career, but they must have planned on having children in the coming days.

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Fans are eagerly waiting to have a glance at his child. But when will he partner give birth to their first child?

Let’s hope, that day will come very soon! For now, the couple is enjoying their married life and has no disputes.

There is a rare chance of divorce in their relationship. Thus, his divorce talk is out of bound for now. Let’s hope Dan Middleton married life will always be full of happiness!

Dan Middleton Dating Life With His Wife, Jemma!

Dan Middleton wife, Jemma was once known as his girlfriend for several years. Their love story started since their days in the school, and now they are husband and wife. Isn’t it romantic?

Dan met his now-wife, Jemma in school for the first time. They were close friends until the high school, and after the end of high school, they began dating each other.

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Dan proposed his girlfriend, Jemma in the year 2010. As a girlfriend, Jemma supported Dan in his YouTube videos and has become one of the reasons behind his success.


After dating a girlfriend, Jemma for long years, Middleton married her and turned Jemma from a girlfriend to his wife in 2013. He has always remained loyal to his wife and never has been to dating another girl. Dan Middleton dating life gained success four years ago, and we hope his married life will also never fail!

Dan Middleton Wiki-Bio; Age Height, Brother & Parents!

Born in the year 1991 in Aldershot, England, Dan Middleton birthday is on the 8th of November. With the last birthday celebration, His age is 26.

Middleton parents divorced when Dan was a child. He has a younger brother. While at Northampton University, Dan started a YouTube Channel, dedicated to Pokemon in 2010 in which he called himself “PokemanDanLv45.” His father was an army.


Middleton height is 5 feet 5 inch. In meters, his height is 1.68 m.

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Dan has also hold Guinness World Record in the category “Most goals scored in a game of Rocket League for a team of 2″ and also for “Most goals scored in a game of Rocket League (team of 3).”