While some rise to fame for their career accomplishments, some earn stardom just for their relationship with a person of stature. We are talking about Cyn Santana who entered limelight primarily for her relationship with Joe Budden.

Though Cyn was quite happy with her love, Joe, now they are not together anymore. Yes, the pair has broken up? But, what’s the reason for their breakup?

Who is Cyn Santana?

Cyn Santana is an African American model cum singer who came to fame not for her career achievements but for her long term relationship with American broadcaster and songwriter, Joe Budden.

How is Cyn Santana’s Dating Life With Partner? Why Haven’t They Married Yet?

First thing first, Cyn Santana and her partner or now ex-partner, Joe Budden have now broken up. They are not together anymore hence, no sweat on about how their dating life was like, right?

YouTube: Joe Budden and Cyn Santana Broke up

The duo looked happy together, didn’t they? More so, the boyfriend-girlfriend couple also engaged right before the 2018 Christmas.

Joe kneeled down and proposed his girlfriend on stage during a live podcast on December 18, 2018. During their engagement, Joe gushed that his relationship with Cyn was the best he’d ever had. Following their engagement, Cyn also stated that she wanted to spend this life of hers and the next one with him.

YouTube: Joe Budden proposes to Cyn Santana

The duo seems happy during their engagement, right? But, what really happened that they had to breakup?

It’s still unclear what happened between the pair. But, sources close to the pair claim they would work it out and get back together in no time.

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Well, whatever the source says, both Cyn and Joe have unfollowed and deleted all their photos from their Instagram.

During their glorious years together as a couple, has Cyn Santana and her former partner Joe Budden ever become parents?

Does Cyn Santana Have Children?

Cyn Santana does have a child with her former love, Joe Budden. She gave birth to her son, Lexington Budden. Her son Lexington is currently with his father following their breakup. Though her kid is small, he has his own Instagram page with over 72 thousand followers.

While Lexington was the first for Cyn, Joe has had a child from his previous relationship. He has a son, Trey Budden from his past love life.


Though at first, Trey and Joe had non-existent relationship, now, the father-son pair are as glued in together as they can get.

What is Cyn Santana’s Net Worth?

The former fiancee of Joe Budden, Cyn Santana has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand as of 2019. She made her worth from her modeling gigs, songs, and ads.


As a model, Cyn usually earns $40 thousand to $137 thousand per year depending on the projects she gets. As a singer, she generates an average $26 thousand to $50 thousand annually.

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To date, Cyn has only released a single song, Real Life, which too was released this year in 2019. The song is priced at $0.99 in iTunes and Amazon.

YouTube: Cyn Santana’s Real Life

Santana, besides all this, also makes her worth from her ads on socials. She makes as much as $7.3 thousand to $12,128 per ads post on her Instagram account.


Cyn’s former finace Joe Budden, in contrast, has an estimated wealth of $6 million. He made his worth from her career as a musician.

Body Measurements of Cyn Santana

Cyn Santana has a curvy body figure with body measuring 36-28-38 inches. Similarly, she has a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Likewise, her hair and eyes are both black in color.


Quick Facts: Cyn Santana

Where is Cyn Santana from? 


What is the nationality of Cyn Santana? 


Which ethnicity does Cyn Santana belong to? 


How old is Cyn Santana? 

The 30s 

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