Turning your girlfriend, boyfriend, or a dating partner into a life partner depends on the relationships you maintain with them. Moreover, it also depends on your and your partner’s intention. You must have thought of embracing your dating partner as your life partner. Have you ever wondered how the dating life could evolve up to holding your babies in the future?

The renowned actor Craig Conover is the one who had planned to celebrate the dream of embracing his dating partner as his future children’s mother. Unfortunately, things could not go as his engaged mind would think. Know all the ups and downs of the dating affair, almost engaged relationship, girlfriend, wiki-bio, and net worth.

Craig Conover’s Dating Life; Was About to Be Engaged with His Girlfriend!

Craig Conover couldn’t save his relationship with girlfriend, Naomie Olindo. They are no longer dating each other and have split. Craig met Naomie at the College of Charleston. After the graduation, they met each other again at Charleston Fashion Week in 2014 and started dating since then.

Craig and his girlfriend were having good dating affairs. Their social media accounts also reflected their dating occasions. Craig Conover’s Instagram posts reveal some of the closest time he had with his girlfriend. They even made their viewers plan for their future dating places if not the honeymoon destinations. Some places could be London, Monaco, or Bangkok where they were found dating.

In a brief conversation with The Daily Dish, Craig had publicly revealed how deeply he was in a relationship with Naomie Olindo. He said to The Daily Dish :

I would say no longer that two years from now. I’d say that in a year from now is when I’ll probably be getting pretty serious and shopping around for rings and saving up. I guess I started saving up a little bit.

Craig Conover Love Kids and Thus His Girlfriend Too!!

Craig says he is very fond of kids. His girlfriend Naomie Olindo rather hated them. She would never imagine having kids. But, the love for your partner changes even your choices. Naomie was ready to have kids despite the truth that she didn’t really like becoming a mother! The Daily Dish quotes Craig Conover:

I’ve always wanted kids. I love kids. And it’s funny because Naomi hated children. She never dreamt of having a kid because she had never dated someone that she was actually passionate about, so the thought of bringing children into the world with them was awful. Now she’s baby-obsessed, and she loves kids now. She says she sees Little Me’s running around.

Craig Conover’s Girlfriend Revealed They Won’t Engage!

Craig Conover’s girlfriend Naomie Olindo revealed through an Instagram comment that their three-year-long relationship has ended. First, she had posted a photo on Instagram that showed she was having some drinks with her roommate Wilson Jones. Seeing this, a fan inquired, “Are you and Craig still together?!” Craig Conover’s girlfriend replied:

Unfortunately we are not. But we are still great friends.

Hey @wilsonfilogamo 👋🏻

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Caption: Craig Conover’s girlfriend revealed that they had already split.

As the relationship between Craig and his girlfriend is no more, we hope Craig will find a new girlfriend whom he will marry in future.

Craig Conover’s Wiki-Bio: Age, and Net Worth!

Craig Conover was born in 1986 and his birthday is on February 9. His age is 31 following the recent birthday celebration on 9th February 2017.

He studied Finance and later sought his career in Law. Recently he is working as a law clerk in a law firm in Charleston. His salary and income come from this job and his success at Bravo’s hit television series Southern Charm.

Craig Conover’s net worth has just started to accumulate with the success of Southern Charm. So far, his net worth as of 2017 is estimated to be US$ 200 thousand.