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Is CNN Journalist Carl Azuz Dating Someone or Is Married? Know His Career and Net Worth.

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It is one of the habits of us not keeping much information about people from journalism. We likely to follow each and every celebrities but we do not want to know much of reporters. It is because, their info is rarely found. Well no more, as we will be updating you info of all celebrities we get to know. And today we will be talking about one popular anchor of CNN, Carl Azuz.

Carl Azuz works as anchor as well as writer for the CNN network. By working as reporter, he has earned hearts of thousands of fans all around the world. As he is popular, his personal information is searched by many people. So today, we will be discussing about Carl Azuz’s dating life, if he is married or not, his career and net worth.

Is Carl Azuz Dating Someone? Is He Married Secretly?

Carl falls unto the category of celebrities who do not want to share personal information to public. Although he is in top of the list, his personal life is still into the secret box. He rarely shares any personal events to media and we also do not have much secret info of his life.

On the basis of full research on him, we did not find any girl being linked with him. Going through all wiki sites, we never found his dating life or dating history. Some of his fans claim him to be married secretly and he do not want information to leak out. But this claim is also not proved yet.

We went through his social accounts, where we found one tweet made by Alex Coke. The picture mentioned was of a hand with a ring. We suspect that hand is to be of Carl’s fiancé and the ring to be engagement ring. Here, have a look at this picture yourself:

Carl Azuz’s Career as CNN Anchor

Azuz works as anchor for the CNN 10 network. Before joining CNN network, he has experience in working as reporter, writer and even producer for the program. The most notable works he has done are covering war in Iraq and news of expensive ice cream.

Talking about the programs he hosted, it includes ‘Fix Our School’, ‘CNN Newsroom’, and more. Also he is active in ceremonies and has experience in researching about teenagers in technology.

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What’s His Net Worth?

Carl never shared his personal information, thus exact figure of his net worth and income is not known. But, as his salary is disclosed to be around $200 thousands annually, we can estimate his net worth to be around $2 million.

When he was working as writer for CNN network, his annual salary was exactly $69,165 as mentioned.

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