The famed New Zealander actor, Cliff Curtis is a married man, but he is a very protective and private man. He also has children with his wife.

But, what is his wife’s identity? How old are his kids? If you want to know it all, you are in the right place.  Let us also tell you about Cliff Curtis’ age, nationality, movies, awards, and net worth.

Cliff Curtis Married; Wife’s identity hidden very far from the media

Cliff Curtis was married in the year 2009 conducting a ceremony which is very secret to the press. One thing we are sure of is that his marriage was lavish, gallant and all words there are for such suave ceremony.

It took place in traditional Marae in New Zealand. His marriage was conducted in front of only his close friends and family.

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Cliff Curtis made sure that his marriage ceremony was very private and was attended by only his close friends and relatives. He even hid his wife’s identity like a pro by writing an e-mail to The Daily Post.

We feel like the bride is from Japan as she and her family arrived in New Zealand from Asia with the support of the Tiua crew in a private jet of 22 seats. The looks of the bride are also Asian, have a look!

cliff curtis bride

Caption: Cliff Curtis’ wife’s rare picture on her wedding day in 2009

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However, the photographer Maurie Hill of their ceremony did have a bit to say about the bride and the groom.

“She was a pretty Asian girl, she had about a dozen bridesmaids and a large number of whanau. They all seemed excited. They left on the boat at about 3:30pm- she was quite a doll.”

Apart from this, there is nothing else to talk about the New Zealand National, Cliff Curtis’ married life. But, do you know, he also has a child?

Cliff Curtis has a Child

Cliff Curtis and his anonymous wife also happen to have a child together who was born after six years of their marriage. The whereabouts of their children are also equally far from media’s reach. However, there exists a photo, from the looks of it, they seem to have a son together.

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Cliff Curtis, his Wife and Son

Caption: Cliff Curtis with his wife and son roaming together on streets in the year 2016

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We do think that the reason why Cliff is so secretive and away from the media line is that he is a down to earth person and he wouldn’t want other people meddling in his love life. We understand and support his decision though.

Cliff Curtis’ Bio, Age, Nationality, Movies, TV Shows, and Net Worth

Cliff Curtis’ bio states that his birthdate is on 27th July 1968. So as per his bio, his age is 50 years old. He looks very young for his age.

He was born on Rotorua, Bay of Plenty of New Zealand. His nationality is New Zealander. However, as he is from New Zealand, Cliff Curtis’ nationality can also be called as Kiwi.

Cliff Curtis’ Career and Net Worth

Cliff Curtis had a fantastic start in his acting career. The first time he was featured in a movie is the one which was up for several Oscar nominations and won 3 Academy Awards. The movie was The Piano.

Caption: Cliff Curtis’ The Piano Trailer

His other movies are Once being Warriors, Whale Rider, Two Cars One Night, Hawaiki, Eagle vs. Shark, The Dark House, Last Knights, Jesus Christ, Risen, and much more.

He also has graced TV shows by his presence. His renowned TV shows are romantic melodrama by the name of Desperate Remedies, abuse of drug awareness drama Blow, television show Trauma, and so on. He is known mostly for the TV show Fear the Walking Dead aired on AMC in the year 2014.

Caption: Cliff Curtis in Fear the Walking Dead

He has given such long chain of hits on hits that his net worth is sure to rise. Cliff Curtis’ net worth is estimated to be around $3 million the same as Josh Bowman as of 2018.