Claire Holt is ready to embrace her next husband after a short while’s single life. After a short married life with the ex-husband Matt Kaplan in the past, Claire Holt chose to live separately.

Remaining single for a long while was not Claire Holt’s destiny. She soon engaged with a realtor and now there are predictions that she is almost ready for the next married life.

You must have started wondering who Claire Holt is engaged to? Can we assume the engaged love life soon transforms to a settled married life?

Read our Claire Holt wiki for the detail information on Claire Holt love life: From her past married life, present engaged life, and the upcoming married life.

Claire Holt Love Life: Ex-Husband and Next Boyfriend

Claire Holt is now engaged with a realtor and is going to get married soon. This is not her first marriage though. She was already married to Matt Kaplan in the past. Unfortunately, the relationship broke before the couple celebrated their first-anniversary citing irreconcilable differences.

Let’s hope now Claire Holt has found a new relationship for reconciliation. Let’s also hope that the irreconcilable differences that led to the divorce with her husband in the past will not recur in her next married life. Well, who is Claire Holt’s would-be-husband?

After the final split of their marital status on April 27 this year, Claire came out with the stunning engagement ring and a kissing snapshot with her fiance on her Instagram. The caption and the love emoji that follows reiterates their bondage:

Caption: After eight months of divorce with her ex-husband, Claire Holt reveals she is engaged. Getting married soon?

After Matt Kaplan became her ex-husband, the Vampire Diaries star had shared that she was not completely desolate. She had found her next boyfriend and was happy go for dating tours.

Caption: Claire Holt’s late dating trip to Italy before she was engaged.

Claire Holt’s Married Life With Ex-Husband Matt Kaplan

Claire Holt was married to Matt Kaplan on April 28, 2016. Just before a day of their wedding anniversary, the love mates separated. Now their happy moments are just captured in photographs. Claire Holt seems to have removed her earlier photos with her ex-husband Matt Kaplan. This photo credit goes to the Mail Online:

Caption: Claire Holt and Her Ex-Husband Matt Kaplan


Will Claire Holt Permanently Settle With Her New Boyfriend?

The reading of the past married life and the divorce initiated by her ex-husband may leave room for further doubts. What if the engagement breaks before it is finally evolved into a marriage? There’s no guarantee that the Claire Holt’s future husband may not initiate another divorce with her.

We can only extend our wishes for the long-term settlement of the divorced actress. Relationships continue in mutual understanding. Let’s hope Claire Holt and her would-be-husband will find out reconcilable understanding to resolve any misunderstanding comes between them! Good luck to the couple once again!

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Claire Holt Wiki Bio

Born on June 11, 1988, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Claire Holt has reached the age of 29. The Australian actress is most famous for The Vampire Diaries (2011-2014), and The Originals (2013-2018). She has altogether of 16 credits for acting in movies and TV films.

She was married to actor Matt Kaplan on April 28, 2016. Unfortunately, they couldn’t even celebrate their first wedding anniversary and reached a tragic separation of divorce on April 27, 2017.

She was soon found dating a real estate executive Andrew Joblon with whom she says she is engaged and is going to get married soon.

Stay updated with us so that you too can send your wishes as soon as they get married!