Born to a wealthy family, Chudney Ross is the daughter of father Robert Ellis Silberstein and mother Diana Ross, who came to fame through her production work in the showbiz industry.

The fans of the Ross family know a great deal about Chudney Ross’ personal life and also her professional self. However, many of them are still confused as to who the lady is married to at the moment. Here we will discuss Ross’ married life along with her children and such other details. So stay tuned!

Who is Chudney Ross’ Husband?

Chudney Ross is in a married relationship with her boyfriend turned husband Joshua Faulkner on 21st June 2015. The duo walked down the aisle at the Montage Kapalua Bay in Maui, Hawaii. 

First Meeting and Dating Affairs

The duo first met through the mutual friends’ list of the social media platform, Facebook. While scrolling through the feed, Joshua stopped to glance at Chudney’s profile and he fell in love.

With one of their friends arranging a cocktail date in LA, Joshua, and Chudney had not needed more! They started going out for dates soon after.

Joshua revealed the duo’s first date, 

She totally petted me on our first date 

Chudney, similarly, recalled their first date, 

He was handsome and it’s so rare to meet such a gantleman in L.A; it was like I needed to touch him to confirm he was real. 

It was love at first sight, eh? 

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Six years into their dating and they decided to take their relationship further. Joshua proposed and she said YES and we know the story afterward. (Xanax bars) But, do you guys know how Chudney’s now-husband proposed? 

Husband’s Proposal

Following six years into their romantic relationship, Chudney received a private proposal at home. Their toddler daughter handed Ross a box wrapped around with the child’s drawing. What happened next? 

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Well, she looked up and saw Joshua on his knee asking her to be his wife! According to Chudney Ross, 

The proposal was perfect! Joshua is a very low-key guy and so it was definitely his style to do it with just us, but I love to celebrate. 

The pair always wanted a destination wedding! More on this down below! 

Destination Wedding

All the pair wanted was a destination wedding. Why? Well, as the pair had traveled to a plethora of weddings, it was more memorable to them comparatively and they also got enough time to spend with family and friends. Hence, their want for a destination wedding! 

Chudney Ross and her daughter during her wedding day
Chudney Ross with her daughter during her wedding.
Source: Inside WEddings

Where did the pair want to have their wedding? Well, no doubt it was in Maui, Hawaii. 

Our first big trip was to Maui, I learned I was  pregnant while on a trip with my mother to Oahu, and we had our babymoon on Kauai. 

It was not only Chudney who pallned the wedding, but she also received much help from her mother, Diana Ross. 

My mom loves a fun project having to do with her children. 

Their wedding had three ring bearers and a conch as well, which was blown to signal guests. Every guests wore neutral-colored attire. Not only this, the marriage also has Hawaiian ukuleles and hulu dancers. 

Chudney Ross kissing her husband Joshua FAulkner
Chudney Ross kissing her husband Joshua Faulkner during her wedding.
Source: Inside Wedding

Well, now let’s look at her children! 


During their years of romantic relationship, Josh and Chudney gave birth to their baby daughter. Their daughter, Callaway Lane Faulkner was born at 6:40 pm on September 19, 2012, three years before their wedding. During her birth, Callaway was 7 lbs and 8 oz.

Look at this beautiful picture of the Faulkner family during the Christmas!

At the moment, their daughter is 6 years’ of age. Recently, Chudney posted a photo of her and her family including her husband and child on her Instagram wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

The duo, Chudney Ross and husband Joshua Faulkner, doesn’t have an extramarital affair or divorce rumors to dwell on.

How Much Net Worth Does Chudney Ross Hold?

As of 2019, Chudney Ross has an estimated net worth of around $500 thousand, all thanks to her career as a film producer and an entrepreneur.

As an American producer, Chudney earns around $64 thousand to $109 thousand per year. She has produced a number of shows including Fame, Mesmerize, and Fashion News Life. However, this is not all. Her most famous appearance is in The Bet Awards in 2007.

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“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams.” #RoaldDahl I’ve been feeling a bit down on myself recently and I’m posting this reminder (with a book on my head to help it soak in), “I LIKE MYSELF!” We all have these moments and we push through because it’s important to remember that we are perfect just the way we are. Let’s celebrate and embrace what make us different and find #selflove for ourselves! I work hard to do this for me… but even more importantly for my girl! #ilikemyself #believeinyourself #positivevibes #raisestronggirls #selfesteem #posingwithbooks @booksandcookiesla #wisdominbooks #positivity #loveyourself

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The production manager not only earns from her career in the showbiz but also from her career as an entrepreneur. Ross has a bookstore cum cafe, Books and Cookies, in Santa Monica. From such, she earns in the range of $40 thousand to $100 thousand per year.

The cafe also plans events ranging from play dates to birthday parties. For a mucisal story time play date, it costs $200. Likewise, for a baby book play date, it also costs the same amount, $200. In like manner, for a musical story time birthday party, it will cost $250

For extra time, it costs $25 per 15 minutes, for face paint, it costs $200. Similarly, arts and crafts costs $100

This, however, is not all. Chudney also earns her worth from the royalties, she earns from her children’s book, Lone Bean.

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Recently, she also produced the Essence Ninth Annual Black Women Awards in 2018. There’s no doubt that Chudney will earn much more in the future.

Even though Chudney has a low net worth, she is undoubtedly from a wealthy family. Her mother, Diana Ross has an estimated net worth of $250 million while for her father, Robert Ellis Silberstein, he has a fortune of $50 million.

One of her siblings, Evan Ross has big bucks under his name. He is the owner of $20 million worth of properties. Similarly, another one of her siblings, Tracee Ellis Ross is not too far away with around $16 million as her total assets.

Quick Facts of Chudney Ross

How old is Chudney Ross?

43 years old

Who are Chudney Ross’ parents?

Robert Ellis Silberstein and Diana Ross

How many siblings does Chudney Ross have?

4 (Tracee Ellis Ross, Ross Naess, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Evan Ross)

Which ethnicity does Chudney Ross belong to?


What is Chudney Ross’ nationality?


Under which star sign was Chudney Ross born?


How tall is Chudney Ross?

5 feet 7 inches

What color are Chudney Ross’ eyes?

Dark Brown

What color is Chudney Ross’ hair?


Where did Chudney Ross graduate from?

Georgetown University, Washington DC (2002)

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