Chris Stapleton Married Life with Morgane
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How is Chris Stapleton Married Life Going on with His Wife Morgane? Know About Their Life!

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It’s already been 5 years since we last heard his song ‘Make it Alright’. Never heard of it? It is one of the best country songs in last few years. If you are follower of such songs, you must know the fact that, Chris Stapleton was the one to co-write this beautiful number. Being song-writer and musician himself brought much impact in his life, but what made it beautiful was his wife Morgane Stapleton. Today we will be discussing a bit more about Chris Stapleton married life and about their thoughts to each other.

Chris Stapleton Married Life with Morgane Stapleton

Once in an interview with Washington Post, 2015, Chris explained about his struggle in his life. Further he also mentioned about being happy even in such situation because of his wife, to be in his side forever. So, how did they meet then? To know how they met, we must go twelve years back.


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In the year 2004, Chris was worker at one publishing house. Morgane was neighbour of his working area. Once while working, he happened to look from the window and saw his heart-stroking love Morgane for the first time. It was not just a thrust of Chris; Morgane also fell for country singer. She used to visit him in his office time making an excuse of seeing her friend.

After few cross backs, Chris finally asked her out. After two and half years of fating, finally the duo married in the year 2007. Since then, they are living as happily married couple. For now, they are parents of two children and are living in their own world blissfully.

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Who is Morgane Stapleton?

If you need to know who Morgane really is apart from being Chris’ wife, you will know it eventually. We can describe her to be perfect half of what Chris’ identity is. She is lyricist, musician, songwriter and also singer. As she assists her husband in all those works, it is better to describe them to be perfect couple.