The really wild show host Chris Packham becomes tragic— It has somewhat to do with his longtime girlfriend! Find more on his professional life and career

Born NameChristopher Gary Packham
Birth PlaceSouthampton, UK
Height6 feet
ProfessionNaturalist, Photographer, TV Presenter, Autor
Net Worth$4 million
Age57 years
DatingCharlotte Corney

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Chris Packham is an English nature extremist known for his immense love towards animals. He also runs this show, The Really Wild show on Animal Planet.

These days Chris Packham seems so upset that he says he has even been thinking of suicide. He also mentions his girlfriend in the reason for his suicide. Let’s get the full detail here!

Nearly Chooses Suicide After His Mini Poodle Itchy Gifted By His Long-Term Girlfriend Dies!

Chris Packham has been seeing a therapist since the tragic loss of his mini poodle Itchy. He had two dogs gifted by his longtime girlfriend which he named Itchy and Scratchy.

Itchy is no more with him or any of us in this world and Packham is finding this loss very tragic and has said to have tried suicide twice. He was very close to his dog. On his statement he gave to, he said,

The boys loved me so I couldn’t do it. They kept me alive. I owe them my life. I always will. We always had a very close bond the three of us – we were like three peas in a pod. It’s a mutual love affair, very much so. We always shared our space and our food and our time.

We feel absolutely devastated for Chris, and we hope has enough courage to cope up with the loss.

Chris Packham’s Longtime Girlfriend – When are They Getting Married?

Chris Packham is said to be dating his girlfriend Charlotte Corney for quite a long time now. The couple has been said to be together since 2012, and they even share a house together in the Deep forest along with their dog. Their relationship is going stronger than ever.

His previous dog Fish died when he was the age of 40. His girlfriend understood his grief and replaced it with his current dog Itchy and Scratchy, but unfortunately, he lost Itchy too.

Charlotte herself is an animal lover, and she has a zoo inherited from her parents. She further says,

We (my parents) had a large number of wild animals that were being hand reared by my parents. There was a leopard, lions, a tiger and bears. It was only when I grew up that I realised how privileged I was to be sharing my home with those sorts of animals. And of course my friends were always keen to come over.

It looks like we will be hearing wedding news from the couple soon as they both are so supportive of each other and a match made in heaven. We all are waiting! 

Chris Packham’s Professional Life, Net Worth; More on His The Really Wild Show!

English naturalist, television presenter, nature photographer, and author Christopher Gary “Chris” Packham was born 4th May 1961. He is best known for his television work which includes children’s nature series The Really Wild Show  (1986 to 1995).

His latest book release is Fingers in the Sparkle Jar: A Memoir Ebury released on 2016. He has also been awarded Conservation Hero of the Year by Birdwatch magazine and honorary Doctor of Science by the University of Southampton for his great contribution in conservation of nature.

His astounding achievements make him worthy of a net worth of $4million and is still doing great in his field.