Chris Long, well-known being defensive end of NFL is one of the most searched and appealed celebrities for now. As the trend of following players than celebrities are more these days, fans and followers often searching for their personal life and affairs.

Today, in this column, we will be discussing Chris Long married life insight and also about his wife Megan O’Malley.

Chris Long Love Life with Megan O’Malley

If you are a fan of Chris Long and searching for information about his love life, you should know that Chris Long is a reserved man. Let us be frank with you, private info and affairs of players are rarely disclosed in media. Chris is also sensitive about all media and limelight thing, so he always keeps his information inside the box.

Chris Long & Megan O' Malley
Chris Long & Megan O’ Malley

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So, we do not know how the couple really met, and also do not know how they stepped up for marriage. Even if you search through secondary media, you will never know how their love life was. But never mind, we have all the information you need to know about his marital status.

Chris’s Married Life with Megan O’Malley

The year 2013 was big for both of them, as it was the year when the duo stepped up for marriage. Chris married the daughter of Joe O’Malley, Megan O’Malley on 22nd June of the same year. It’s already been more than 9 years since they tied a knot, and still, there are no issues in their married life. It’s always a good time when one marries another of the same field.

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There is no news and issues gossip of their married life till date. We searched through all media, but we are unable to find any such news. From this, we can confirm that their love and cooperation has increased after being one.

Megan O’Malley and Chris Long’s Children

The couple shares one baby boy. In the year 2016, the duo welcomed their only child. Megan gave birth to the child whose name is Waylon James Long.

The baby is so cute, that every fan on Chris’s Instagram account can see those pictures. Chris is regular in posting those pictures. Now, we hope the duo to be blessed with another child as well!