You might be thinking about Chet Hanks girlfriend and dating story. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), Fantastic Four (2015), and Project X (2012) actor Chet Hanks has a turbulent past. Despite his celebrity father Tom Hanks’s countless blessings on him, his career growth is unable to conceal the wrongs of his private life.

Do You Want to know Who Is Chet Hanks’s Daughter Mother?

Update on Chet Hanks Daughter.  Last year Chet Hanks became a father of a baby girl while all the information regarding the mother of the child remained mysterious. Chet was under police search for forceful sex assault on girls. He once even smashed a room where there were a few girls, had a car accident caused due to over drinking and reckless driving. Then there was the birth of Chet Hanks daughter. Quite surprising! Is Chet Hanks married then? If not, did Chet Hanks girlfriend bear his child? Who did Chet Hanks make pregnant? Where is Chet Hanks daughter recently? Know all about the dating history, movies along with the net worth and wiki bio of this Tom Hanks son, rapper, and actor.

Chet Hanks Has a Cute Daughter, but Who is the Mother? His Wife? His Girlfriend?

Chet Hanks Daughter
Chet Hanks Daughter


Caption: Who Is Chet Hanks’s Daughter?
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Chet Hanks has become a father without marrying. Chet Hanks is not married. Chet Hanks has a girlfriend perhaps. Keep reading this article for more information about Chet Hanks girlfriend. But who became pregnant with Chet Hanks? Why has she remained in a big mystery? Was it a forced sex which made a girl pregnant and compelled to give birth to a baby? Questions arise.

But all of these speculations and suspicions are soon settled when Chet Hanks himself confirms he had privately fathered a daughter. He writes in an emotional Instagram post last year. The MailOnline reports Chet Hanks’s Instagram post thus:

“I do have a daughter.” … “She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. She’s the reason why I turned my life around and got sober. I’ve been sober for over a year and a half from everything.”

Chet Hanks, however, does not disclose who the mother is and what the baby’s name is. The baby’s mother’s name is said to be ‘Tiffany’ and the reports say that Chet happened to have the physical intercourse with an unfamiliar girl in the ‘drug-fueled one-night stand’.

The Baby Daughter Changed Chet Hanks’s Life!

Once drug addict and also remained under police inspection for car crash and assault on girls, Chet happens to have emotionally changed after his daughter’s birth. How careless was the rap singer is clear because he fathers a baby with a girl who he never knows and when he is almost senseless after drinks. But, it takes no time for a human being to change. Chet Hanks also becomes an example for this. After he accidentally impregnates an unknown girl and becomes a father, he is changed, like having a re-birth!

“Really sad how the media has to portray the mother of my child in such a crass way. She is one of the nicest people I know.”

“I’m just thankful that my daughter has such a great mom.”

Chet Hanks’s Girlfriend and Wife

Its hard to say who is Chet Hanks wife. Chet Hanks is not married. There are no evidence in any news media despite the fact that Chet is Tom Hanks’s son. Had Chet Hanks married any girl, it would not have remained unnoticed by any media house. He has a dating affair with his girlfriend and he frankly reveals this truth. But he never confessed that he made his girlfriend pregnant.

This means that Chet Hanks girlfriend is not his daughter’s mother. The mother is an unfamiliar girl whom he met in the drinking party.

Chet Hanks’s Wiki Bio and Net Worth

Chet Hanks was born on August 4, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, USA. His age is 27 now. His father is Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. His father Tom Hanks always been a great support for him in his music career and acting.

He got the debut in the film industry with his father’s support. Now Chet Hanks has established himself in music and movies. His rap songs like “Do It Better” and “Juice with Chill” have been popular. With the sum of all these professions, Chet Hanks has made a net worth of around US$ 3 million. Chet Hanks net worth may surprise you in the future as he has many more project to do.