If you are the one who once watched Emmerdale, from ITV, then you must know who Chelsea really is. Yes she is the one who played the role of Amy Wyatt. She is one hell of gorgeous star that came to fame from the same show. But do you know about her personal affairs. If you really want to know about her dating life, you came to right place. She was in love with developer boyfriend Dillon Clift before, but is she still in relation? Today we will be discussing about Chelsea Halfpenny dating life and more as of 2017.

Chelsea’s Love Life with Dillon Clift!

Halfpenny, who is 25 years of age now, was in love with Dillon Clift long time before. If you want to know the exact time, it’s in 2012. With Mirror, she announced about her relationship with Dillon.

As mentioned in the magazine, Chelsea met Dillon for the first time while at school and their love sprout in 2011. What she said in interview was:

‘He was my friend before being boyfriend. Before, I used to feel so relaxed when he was around, so the feelings were great!’

On 15th June of the year 2012, Chelsea chose Twitter as medium to wish birthday to her boyfriend. She also mentioned what she wanted to give him as birthday present.

In 2013, exactly after a year, she revealed her boyfriend’s profession. She mentioned him to be software developer.


For the tweet, Dillon made a reply:


Is Chelsea Halfpenny Dating Dillon Clift Till Date?

Chelsea and Dillon stopped mentioning each other after the year 2014; we speculate them to be in relation for that time only. Here we have found the very last tweet by Dillon:


We are still not sure about their relation, whether they are still sharing love life or not. Both are silent in this term. Also, they are not seen much in Twitter. From looking at how Chelsea is in her work, we can say that career is her top priority for now.

But wait, this April, we found a new hint. Chelsea tweeted something interesting. She thanked Richard Winsor who acted as her boyfriend for few months.


Chelsea Halfpenny Quick Bio

Halfpenny was born back in the year 1991, and began her career in acting when she was child. She was just 13 years old when she worked for the ‘What Parents Do’ Episode from the series Casualty. She then appeared in several other series like Byker Grove. But what rode her career train was Emmerdale.

Chelsea has also worked for several other screenplays like in Cherry Pop, Lilium, and Compulsion. She is currently working for the show named Casualty as Alicia Munroe.