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Charlotte Ritchie Having an Affair with Economist Boyfriend?

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When two people are together, not in sense of playing or singing but in relationship; they likely to share time and interest upon each other. Most of time, they spend on knowing professionalism, and behavior pattern. We are talking about similar news of Charlotte Ritchie, famous English actress who grew interest over economics as her boyfriend is economist.

He was the one to explain economics for me; he still does. Sometimes, I read the economics to have better understanding.


Charlotte started dating her boyfriend after she graduated. The economist fellow, whose name is not revealed yet met her for the first time while studying in the University of Bristol. She mentioned these facts in an interview with Her interest over economics rose because of having him around and due to his explanation, she said.

We were at the university together, but started dating after the studies were over.


The economist boyfriend and Charlotte are unique example to all other couples. Both hardly get time to spend together and yet are able to keep their relationship sound. Even being an actress, she does not want her relationship to be on top of headlines. She prefers privacy in her personal life. That might be a reason of her not to live with boyfriend and to buy a house with her friends.

For a mature couple, it would be difficult to share life after long term relationship. It’s usual for anyone who stays for long term affairs turn in for marriage and a family except few couples. Charlotte herself thinks being mother is a greatest bless as she acted as mother on Call, the Midwife. Moreover, she also shared that being mother gives almighty respect as the process itself is a creation.

Who is Charlotte Ritchie?



Charlotte Ritchie was born in August 1989. She joined the University of Bristol and graduated on English and Drama.

Charlotte is renowned actress, and songwriter who already featured in Harry Potter, Fresh meat, and the Goblet of Fire. She is now currently working for BBC’s Call, the midwife. Before that, she was main cast in Channel 4’s Fresh meat.


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