Charlie Zelenoff is a Russian American earnest boxer in the world. Besides his passion for boxing, you might know Zelenoff as the star of his own YouTube reality show, Charlie Zelenoff TV. Zelenoff and his boxing record have now claimed him as a UBF World Champion.

We all know that Charlie Zelenoff has quite been a mysterious person to all. And now people are surfing around to know more about Charlie Zelenoff’s married life, relationship affairs, dating history, net worth, sources of income, earnings, and more. Check it out:

Who is Charlie Zelenoff Married To?

You know, Charlie Zelenoff has always been quite secretive when it comes to his personal life and rarely appears in the media speaking up about his private events. He has almost kept all of his life events out of the media.

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While surfing around, we came to know that Zelenoff is a married man. Charlie Zelenoff married wife Daria and the couple seems to be enjoying an amicable relationship. It looks like the couple is enjoying a qualitative time together as per the video posted on YouTube while celebrating his 169th victory.

YouTube: Charlie Zelenoff’s wife Daria

It seems like Charlie Zelenoff married wife Daria long ago. Till the date, the pair has not revealed any information regarding their wedding event and anything related to it. A couple of gossip mongers claimed that Charlie Zelenoff married wife Daria after dating for a couple of years.

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Moreover, there are no rumors of divorce or separation issues of the couple ever broadcasted in the media. It looks like the pair is living a blissful married life. If you ever go across Zelenoff’s Instagram, he seems to share the moments of his professional career rather than his love life.

Charlie Zelenoff and his wife Daria
Charlie Zelenoff and his wife Daria

Till date, there are no information or headlines of Daria’s pregnancy ever talked in the media. As per the report, the couple does not have any child, or they might have but is not sharing the news with the media. We hope to hear more about his children soon!

How much is Charlie Zelenoff’ Net Worth?

As mentioned above, Charlie Zelenoff is secretive regarding his stuff; to date, he has not revealed the exact figure of his net worth. Zelenoff has been active in the field for over a decade, and people think that his net worth is high.

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Though Charlie Zelenoff’s net worth is not revealed in the media, it looks like Charlie Zelenoff’s net worth is around $100 thousand. Well, when he received fame, he also earned hard cash with it. His net worth of $100 thousand doubled in the last year and hence, he now holds a net worth that equals $200 thousand.  

Though, Charlie’s fortune stays at only a $200 thousand, his life is more than lavish. Many of his videos have earned over a million views and surely, YouTube pays him a decent sum, right? 

Looking at his appearances on his YouTube channel, it surely seems like Zelenoff is living a lavish life. On Instagram, he posted pictures of his workouts and training, and you surely know that the gym or workstation is always costly.

Charlie Zelenoff’ Fight with Floyd Mayweather Sr.

If you are interested in boxing or anything related to fighting, then you should not miss a video of Charlie Zelenoff and Floyd Mayweather Sr. The video was posted on YouTube on March 23, 2017, and has millions of views.

YouTube: Charlie Zelenoff’s Fight with Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Thousands of people have shared their views on the video commenting even in a sarcastic way. People claim that the fight is much better than Mayweather and Pacquiao.

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In the video, you might see that Zelenoff is jumping around and trying to save himself.

Charlie Zelenoff’ Wiki including his Birthdate, Height, Nickname, and more!

Charlie Zelenoff was born on 27 July 1998 in Los Angeles, California, USA. His birth name is Charles Peter Zelenoff and is usually famous as Z-Money. He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.

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To be more clear, Zelenoff has achieved minor fame in the internet boxing community. He actually made his professional debut on May 3, 2008, against Andrew Hartley.

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