When you began to struggle and known the life; the age doesn’t matter to become maturity what matter is the experience. The line defines the 20-year-old, Charlie Jagow who is no more kid due to his backwoods experiences. On the Discovery’s TV shows “the Last Alaskan,” he has set the challenge to build his cabin before the winter comes. As working alone to complete what he has dreamed up is no ordinary task for him.

Also, as every day passes with pressure grows; will the 20-year-old will be able to collect the meat in mid-September as the winter is close by? We will be learning everything about what survival indeed is from The Last Alaskan series which will be aired on Discovery channel. Moreover, how much does Charlie Jagow net worth dwells around?

On the Deck, we will be going into the adventure to known Charlie Jagow closely from his parents, family, TV shows, net worth and many more!

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Charlie Jagow Bio – Age, Family, Parents; Early life

Born in 1988 in Fairbanks, Charlie was raised in the Arctic National Refuge’s eastern edge. The Last Alaskans boy was born in the family of father Paul and mother Dawn Jagow. He holds the native Alaskan.

His father was born in 1947 used to live in Carmel New York city before moving to Fairbanks. His father is known by various nickname including Paul M Jagow or Paul Malcolm which is both Caucasian and a Christian. And mother used to live in Pelham and moved to Fairbanks. His parents met each other when they lived in Alaska.

Charlie Jagow networth, age, parents, family, tv shows
Caption: The Last Alaskans – Charlie Jagow on the hunt Source: Youtube

Jagow grew up along with his sister Joanna who is a nursing graduate. His sister works at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital as a pediatric nurse. As per his bio, he gained interest in wildlife when he was raised in the rustic cabin which belongs to his parents. Like his childhood, the 20-year-old spent most of the time in bushes which were in charge of traps and dog teams.

During his teenage period, The last Alaskan boy worked as an assistant guide during the spring and falls. Working under the best guidance in the business, Jagow earned himself the Outfitters license in 2017. Afterward, he also purchased his Federal Exclusive concessions from longtime mentor and employer, Sandy Jamieson.

Besides hunting, Jagow also knows how to fly a plane and owns his aircraft. However, having such transportation come to great risk. Due to the flow of the river’s tide, he has to continually change his landing strip. Over the years with the high risk of river flow, he has used some gravel bar to make a landing place.

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Charlie Jagow TV Show “The Last Alaskan”

The TV show “The Last Alaskan” series first aired in the Animal Planet on 25th May 2015. After a year, the series appeared on Discovery Channel. The series was based on the reality documentary on the set in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The series shows the struggle of the human for their shelter, food, protection and many more. After the successful three series, the Discovery has brought the fourth season which was featured in 25th November 2018.

This time on the series we will see cast including Heimo Korth, Edna Korth, Charlie Jagow, Tyler Selden, Krin Nelson, Scott Nelson, Bob Harte, and Selden. But the most eyes of the viewer is in young boy Charlie Jagow.

Charlie Jagow networth, age, parents, family, tv shows
Caption: Charlie Jagow from The Last Alaskans Source: CELEBLIVEUPDATE

On this series shows Charlie struggle to build his own cabin before the winters come. In the summer, he will attempt to raise 900 pounds of ridgepole to complete the rooftop. Also, the 20-year-old will be boating in hot pursuit of bulls grazing in willows downstream and in the sloughs in mid-September. With time running fast, he has only got ten days to land meat for the winter. Will he be able to do it? To know this, we should watch The Last Alaskan on the discovery channel.