Divorce does not necessarily mean an end of the world and for Catherine Mooty, divorce led her to the love of her life, and met someone, whom she was waiting for the whole life. She is having the best moments of her life with her current husband, Troy Aikman.

There are a few who know how to mix the established elegance of the fashion industry with a knack for business innovation. Catherine Mooty stands firmly among the ranks of the selected few. She has made her living in the world of fashion as the co-owner of a fashion retail brand, launched in Dallas, Texas.

Who Is Catherine Mooty?

Catherine Mooty aka Capa Mooty is a stunning American businesswoman and fashionista famous as the co-founder of the Dallas-based fashion retailer brand, Luxeliner. She co-founded the boutique, Luxeliner with four of her friends.

The Snippet of Businesswoman Catherine Capa Mooty

The Snippet of Businesswoman Catherine Capa Mooty
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Capa was born on 13th October 1970, in Dallas, Texas, USA. Her birth name is Catherine Cecile Person. She was born and raised in a middle-class family in Texas. However, she found limelight in 2017 following her marriage to the former NFL superstar and current sports analyst on Fox Sports, Troy Aikman.

Catherine Mooty Married and Husband

Catherine Mooty tied the knot with Troy Aikman on September 4, 2017, on Santa Barbra beach outside Biltmore Four Seasons hotel, Montecito, California. Troy is a former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer. He proposed to Capa while they were vacationing in Lake Como, Italy. Soon after, they got engaged on June 2, 2017.

Catherine Capa Mooty with Husband Troy Aikman

Catherine Capa Mooty with Husband Troy Aikman
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Troy took a time out to share their special day on his socials stating the date when he proposed the love of his life. Both the stars were single parents when they met for the first time.

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Troy proposed to Capa while they were vacationing in Lake Como, Italy, and engaged on June 2, 2017, a year after the duo started dating. Just three months into their engagement, the duo walked down the aisle, and by far, they both looked happy.

The couple are happy together

The couple are happy together
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Talking further about their marriage, Catherine appeared in a white sleeveless gown and Troy was in a matching white blazer with the black bow tie as they walked down the aisle. A few friends and family witnessed the private and beautiful wedding. The couple is spending their married life to the fullest so far and any signs of internal disturbance are not there.

Catherine Mooty Previous Affairs

Troy Aikman’s wife, Catherine Mooty, previously, was in a matrimonial relationship with former husband Jerry Mooty. Jerry was a lawyer and a renowned nephew of Dallas Cowboys owner, Stephen Jerry Jones.

Jerry Mooty

The Snippet of Capa Mooty’s First Husband
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So, with her ex-spouse, she welcomed two sons named Luke and Val Mooty. But even though the couple shared two-child together, their marriage didn’t work as they executed. Later, they got separated.

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Capa’s present partner, Troy, likewise, was hitched with Cowboy’s publicist and ex-partner Rhonda Worthey. They also gave birth to two daughters, Alexa Marie and Jordan Ashley.

Troy Aikman with former wife Rhonda Worthey

Troy Aikman with former wife Rhonda Worthey
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Following their divorce, the pair is still in a friendly relationship. Catherine, however, has been able to maintain a strong bond with her stepdaughters and blend them into one big, happy family.

Catherine Mooty Net Worth

Besides Troy Aikman’s Wife, Catherine is a high-end retailer. Ziprecruiter has estimated the average salary for the retailer to be around $48,343. So, with a fancy business, she must have a good salary after all. With all the work and business for several years have contributed a lot to Catherine’s wealth. As of 2020, Catherine Mooty has a net worth of $3 million.

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Talking about her husband’s net worth, Troy’s Aikman has amassed about $25 million in wealth through his career according to Athlon Sports. So, Catherine’s assets are to be increased gradually with the marriage.

The couple is living a luxurious life with great wealth

The couple is living a luxurious life with great wealth
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Furthermore, the couple is the owner of estates such as a luxurious house, and an SUV worth $40k. With such great fortune, the couple keeps traveling to many places and enjoys expensive vacations.

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