Ashley Harlan Biography – Net Worth, Husband, Kids, Career, House, Age

Ashley Harlan is an American physician. Furthermore, she became a popular topic after marrying the American football star Ben Roethlisberger. Ashley is a very talented individual and works hard to progress in her career every day. Moreover, Ben is very supportive towards his wife, and the two make a wonderful couple. Two know more about […]

Haley Giraldo Biography – Husband, Net Worth, Earnings, and Parents

Haley Giraldo is an American social media influencer and Instagram model. Furthermore, she is very famous as the daughter of the four-time Grammy Awards winner Pat Benatar. However, Haley chose to differ from her parents and became an influencer. To know more about the social media star’s biography, parents, husband, children, and net worth, please […]

Joanna Zanella Biography – Early Life, Career, Net Worth, and Boyfriend

Joanna Zanella is an American actress and television show host. Furthermore, she is famous as the fiance of the former UFC heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub. The actress had also won the Gabriel’s Award in excellence in 2005. Joanna is a highly skilled actress. Moreover, she hasn’t indulged in any controversies and scandals. The actress avoids […]

Benjamin Maisani Biography – Career, Net Worth, and Ex-Boyfriend

Benjamin Maisani is a French businessman who is very popular as the ex-boyfriend of the American reporter Anderson Cooper. Furthermore, Maisani is the owner of three bars in New York City. The aspiring businessman made the news highlights after he broke up with Anderson. Moreover, after the breakup, there have been numerous controversies surrounding the […]

Bradford Sharp Biography – Career, Net Worth, Wife, Kid, Movies, and Age

Bradford Sharp is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. Furthermore, he is famous as the husband of Keesha Sharp, who is also an American actress and director. Similarly, the couple married two decades back and is genuinely in love. Bradford has always remained away from controversies and scandals. Moreover, the musician likes to make music […]

Lori Tan Chinn Biography – Movies, Tv-Shows, OITNB, Net Worth, Marriage, Husband

Lori Tan Chinn is an American actress. Furthermore, she is famous as Mei Chang from the Netflix hit series Orange Is The New Black. Similarly, the actress is an absolute fan favorite when it comes to her acting. The savage character may look small but can destroy anyone in no time. Lori has been working […]

Gianni Giannulli Biography – Early Life, Career, Net Worth, Parents, Prison, Arrest

Gianni Giannulli is an American businessman with an Italian ethnicity. Furthermore, he is famous as the son of the legendary fashion designer Mossimo Ginnulli. Gianni made the news highlights after he revealed shocking news about his father, who was in prison. The celebrity family is very famous in the fashion industry. However, Gianni has decided […]

Debi Segura Biography – Career, Net Worth, Husband, Arrest

Debi Segura is an American journalist who is famous as a former sports anchor for CNN. Furthermore, she is widely known as the wife of the well-known American TV journalist Lou Dobbs. Debi rose to fame after her TV documentary Series 60 Minutes aired in 2007. Would you mind reading the entire article to know […]

Evelyn Taft Biography – Net Worth, Husband, Early Life, and Career

Evelyn Taft is an American meteorologist and news commentator. Furthermore, she is famous for winning the Golden Mike Award for Best Weather Segment. She is one of the essential broadcasters in Los Angeles, having a huge audience. The celebrity journalist hasn’t been in any controversies to date. Similarly, she is very passionate about her work […]

Nik Hirschi Biography – Wife, Net Worth, Career, Age, Height

Nik Hirschi is an Australian social media influencer and car enthusiast. Furthermore, he is famous for being the manager of his wife Alex Hirschi, aka Supercar Blondie. Nik is very much passionate about his work and does the best he can for his wife. The Hirschi duo became prosperous and wealthy together. To know about […]

Adam Shulman Biography – Career, Net Worth, Married Life, Wife

Adam Shulman is an American actor, producer, businessman and, jewelry designer. Furthermore, he is famous for being the husband of the stunning superstar Anne Hathaway. Adam rose to fame after he played the role of Deputy Sherrif in the movie The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning. Despite all the fame he has collected, Shulman is […]

Bianca Beets Biography – Career, Net Worth, Tony Beets, Dating Life, Gold Rush

Bianca Beets is a Canadian Reality Tv Personality. Additionally, she was featured in the Discovery series Gold Rush. Bianca is also famous for being the daughter of the famous Canadian miner Tony Beets. The Beets family togetherly featured in one episode of the Gold Rush. The famous celebrity daughter has made a name for herself […]