Jacob Scipio Bio, Net Worth, Family, Movies, The Outpost, Girlfriend, Instagram, Age

Jacob Scipio is a British-born actor. Furthermore, Scipio is best known for his role in Bad Boys for Life and The Outpost. Moreover, the talented actor joins the main cast of the Netflix original Pieces of Her. The British actor started his journey as an actor at an early age. What’s more, he managed to […]

Omari Hardwick Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Kids, Movies, Pieces of Her, Brother, Instagram, Age

Omari Hardwick is an American actor. Moreover, his best work thus far is in the TV show Power. Furthermore, he played the role of James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick in the show. Aside from his role in the upcoming show Pieces of Her, he is also the voice of Vanderohe in the animated show Army of […]

Jessica Barden Bio, Net Worth, Movies, Pieces of Her, Boyfriend, Bill Milner, Instagram, Age

Jessica Barden is an English actress. Moreover, she is best known for her role at The End of F***ing World. The show ran for two seasons and ended in 2019. Likewise, the second half of the 2010s seemed to favor her career. As of 2021, she managed to land a role in the main cast […]

Emme Maribel Muñiz Bio, Net Worth, Family, Jennifer Lopez, Singing, Instagram, Age

Emme Maribel Muñiz is the celeb child of Jlo and her ex-husband. Moreover, she seems to be making her own name on the internet. Many fans of her mother want to know more about the celeb child. Maribel seems to be enjoying her life with her family. However, in life, nothing lasts. As such, the […]

David Wenham Bio, Net Worth, Movies, Pieces of Her, Wife, 300, Instagram, Age

David Wenham is an Aussie actor. Moreover, he managed to lead a delightful career thus far. Some of you might recognize him from the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King as Faramir. Furthermore, he managed to dip his toe in most of the movie genres. Wenham landed a major role in the upcoming […]

Anthony Castonzo Bio, NFL, Net Worth, Injury, Retirement, Stats, Contract, Age

Anthony Castonzo made the news with his decision to retire from American football. Furthermore, the athlete played 10 successful seasons. Which itself is an accomplishment. Castonzo retired at the age of 32. Moreover, he stated in an interview his decision remains final. And, he won’t be returning to the sport. Furthermore, he played over a […]

Ginger Luckey Bio, Net Worth, Palmer, Engagement, Family, Instagram, Age

Ginger Luckey recently came into the spotlight. In fact, she made the headlines a day before new years. Moreover, her fame comes as the fiance of congressmen. Likewise, her name also comes up with another Luckey individual. Furthermore, Ginger is the younger sister of none other than Palmer Luckey. Read her Wiki-Bio, personal life, and […]

Melissa Tittl Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Chad Weller, Instagram, Family, Age

Melissa Tittl is a well-known producer and writer. Furthermore, she specializes in non-fiction subjects. Moreover, she claims that “truth is stranger than fiction“. The multi-talented writer considers herself an investigative journalist. In fact, she thrives in the government conspiracy and science field. And currently, Tittl works as the Head of Content and Development for GAIA. […]

Joe Bryant Bio, Net Worth, NBA, Kobe, Son’s Death, Wife, Height, Age

Joe Bryant is best known as the father of world-renowned NBA player Kobe. Moreover, like his son, he also played basketball. Likewise, he coached many teams throughout his life. Aside from Kobe, he welcomed two other children in his married life. Likewise, find out more about his life down below. Joe Bryant: Family, Education, and […]

Beatrice McCartney Bio, Net Worth, Family, Paul McCartney, Divorce, Boyfriend, Age

Beatrice McCartney is the daughter of a legendary singer Paul McCartney. Moreover, even as a young child she faced many death threats. As such, she leads a very secretive life. What’s more, both of her parents remain very protective of her. McCartney lives a very lavish lifestyle thanks to her father. Keep reading to know […]

Lisha Wei Bio, Net Worth, Twitch Streamer, Wedding, Husband, Imaqtpie, Age

Lisha Wei is a Twitch streamer best knows for her gaming streams. But, she also became the wife of another Twitch streamer, Imaqtpie. Moreover, she also holds a massive online presence. Unlike her partner, she prefers FPS or first-person shooters more than MOBA. Wei likes to live a low-key life, even though she earns as […]