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Is Carson Kressley Gay or Straight? Who is His Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

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The only place with gay marriage law with controversy is the US. Gay marriage is permitted but the societal glance is not so good. Thus, this law got much of appreciation as well as criticism. As per the societal treating behaviour, mistreating is common thing. Most of gays are not open enough to claim themselves as homosexual because of shame. As society takes existence of gay people natural while being in relationship is controversial. Today we are going to discuss about rumours of Carson Kressley gay life and dig out the truth.

Is Carson Kressley Gay?

We know Carson as American born actor who distributed his charismatic glance in every TV show he hosts. He is one who is able to well look the pigeon-hole of people about male fashion designer, which is being gay. We do not have enough information about his preference over male and female, which is yet to be confirmed.

As Carson is open-minded, he once stated being dreamer in the interview with This statement elicited fans response far beyond.

For the followers, they became more eager to know the relationship he is having with someone. The case became so much explicit that people began to follow him in each and every tweets and post he made. Also, if he was seen with any co-star or other males, people began speculating him being gay.

Who is Carson Kressley Gay Boyfriend?

Although Carson tried to conceal the information about his relationship, people and media began to dig the hole in his private life. Thus, he claimed himself about the gay relationship with Superbowl player. Although he didn’t reveal the name, people were able to confirm the news of him being gay. Also, the relation was taken as rare because the profession was different this time.

Counting on the history, he once dated Esera Tuaolo, NFL Player. Carson openly claimed the gay relation with Esera and commented about boyfriend’s performance at the pitch and outside. The rumours of them getting married came once out in the market which was later turned into fake as the duo already broke up.

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