Finally, Carlson Young married her fiancé and started her new life. This 29th April was the day when both stepped into a new life. She married Isom Innis, who had been her engaged partner for long. The wedding was organized on Fort Worth, in Saint Andrew Episcopal Church.

Griffin Young, who is Carlson’s sister, became a maid of honor. And as groomsmen, Isom’s bandmates were there. Along with Mark Pontius, Mark Foster and Sean Cimino, other 350 guests attended the wedding ceremony.

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If you look into her Instagram account, you can find a picture of 29th April where you can see rehearsal dinner. She also thanked the dress designer in the caption.

In an interview with People Magazine, both gave an unforgettable statement:

‘This weekend came to be best for us, all friends and people in one place made everything special. The day you get to marry your best soul mate is not like other ordinary days. Both of us are excited about how things will go in the future.’

Back in August 2016, Carlson mentioned about her plan for the wedding to People Magazine:

‘I have been planning for our wedding, and my mom is supporting me a lot. I am enjoying Pinterest board and searching for ideas.’

‘My boyfriend is cute, so sometimes I think why I should wait? I think planning is making me disparate as well.’

When Did Carlson Young Tied The With Her Husband?

After enjoying love life with her boyfriend for two and a half years, Isom came forward and proposed Carlson for marriage. In 2016 January, the couple engaged and shared their moment via Instagram:

We Live Rumours team, would like to congratulate the couple and also would wish a better future to both of them.