What Is Carin van der Donk’s Age? Know About Her Wiki-Bio Including Husband, Children, Net Worth

Carin van der Donk is in a married relationship with her boyfriend turned husband Vincent D'onofrio and has children with him. Explore more of Carin van der Donk's age, dating, net worth, carere, married, husband, children, and much more in this wiki-bio.
Carin van der Donk is in a married relationship with her boyfriend turned husband Vincent D'onofrio and has children with him. Explore more of Carin van der Donk's age, dating, net worth, carere, married, husband, children, and much more in this wiki-bio.
Born NameCarin Van Der Donk
Birth PlaceNetherlands
ProfessionModel, Photographer
HusbandVincent D'Onofrio
Net Worth$50 million (husband)
Age49 years
SiblingMazar Van der Donk

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Aside from all those big names of Hollywood, sports, and music, today we will take you through one name which isn’t quite recognized on its own. Nevertheless, the star we are going to boast is still in no way strange to the limelight at all.

If you are a fan of Netflix‘s recent sensation Daredevil, then there’s a good chance that you were also awed by the performance of the actor, Vincent D’Onofrio as the Kingpin. But here we will take a look at his better half, Carin van der Donk.  Know what lies beneath the life of this actor’s wife; how she came into D’onofrio’s life? Who exactly is she? Also get to know her net-worth and many more.

Carin van der Donk’s Career and Net Worth

Carin van der Donk was always intrigued by the entertainment industry. She wanted to be a part of the showbiz right from her childhood. After completing her education, Donk chose to become a model. So she started her career by working for a couple of local brands. As a model, she used to earn around $32 thousand to $48 thousand per year.

Donk With D'Onofrio
Donk With D’Onofrio

Source: Zimbio

Donk was then signed by the famous hair salon brand, Bumble, and bumble, for which she shot a commercial video back in the early 90s. It was during this period where she met her future husband D’onofrio. But after marrying D’onofrio, Donk took a back seat from modeling.

This then allowed her to explore her photography skills. And as of now, Donk works as an amateur photographer, often collaborating with her sister Marjan for a number of projects.

And as a photographer, Donk especially takes her cameras through political activism where participants is often seen in turbulent times. But how much has Donk gained from all this?

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Well, the exact figure is still pretty much under review. But if one is to relate Donk to money and all that, then we will find that she is no strange to hefty sums at all.

To say more, being the other half of a renowned Hollywood actor, Donk is quite rich for her own good. In fact, her husband, D’onofrio currently holds the fortune of around $40 million to his account. So, it might be safe to say that Donk receives quite an allowance from her hubby regardless of her own wealth, of course!

Also on February of 2007, it was reported that D’onofrio at the time owned a house on Christodora House, 143 Avenue B, NYC. The house then was worth at around $2,600,000. So we can say that D’onofrio’s was never far away from all that star’s lavish and extravagant lifestyle.

Carin van der Donk’s Husband and Children

Carin van der Donk is a married woman. She is the wife of American actor, producer, director, and singer, Vincent D’Onofrio. You might know Donk’s husband as the Kingpin, in Netflix hit series Daredevil.

Donk With D'Onofrio
Donk With D’Onofrio

Source: Zimbio

Donk started dating her boyfriend D’Onofrio in 1996. And on March 22, 1997, the duo officially exchanged their vows with each other. Later they went on to have a son who they named, Elias Gene D’Onofrio.

However, in 2000, things took a toll on Donk’s married life. As in this year, Donk and Donofrio were going through rough patches in their relationship. And eventually, on the year, the duo even decided to go separate ways. Yet they didn’t cite the reason behind their apparent break-up.

But much to fate, the pair occasionally met with each other for the sake of their son. And as a result of this, Donk and D’onofrio frequently got the chances to reconsider their marriage.

Thanks to this, the husband and wife couple, Donk and D’onofrio finally reunited with each other. And in 2008, they once again solidified their togetherness as in this year, they welcomed their second child, Luka D’Onofrio.

In January 2012, Vincent D’Onofrio even came forward denying to conflicting and inaccurate reports on his marital status. This further proved that Donk was really back in D’onofrio’s life for good.

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Wife Donk and Husband D’onofrio have attended many red carpet events and movie premieres together. In 2003, the couple was seen at the Los Angeles premiere of Daredevil. In 2008, Donk even accompanied her husband to the Tribeca Film Festival to watch the premiere show of Speed Racer.

The pair, Carin van der Donk and Vincent D’onofrio last red carpet sighting was that at the premiere of Run All Night on March 9, 2015. The same year, the couple also attended the famous AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York City.

Although Donk frequently walks by her husband’s arm in several premieres and ceremonies, she also rather keeps herself busy with her photography chores. But rest assured, the once separated lovey-dovey is now totally back together and are seemingly going stronger than ever.

Carin van der Donk’s Wiki-Bio; Early Life, Current Age, and Social Media

Carin van der Donk was born in 1970 in the Netherlands. She grew up along with her older sister, Marjan van der Donk. And as of now, this Dutch is already in her 50s.

Carin Van Der Donk
Carin Van Der Donk

Source: The famous people

Donk falls under those celebs who prefer their personal information rather under the shadow. And as a result, she is more known as the wife of Vincent Donofrio instead of a photographer.

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But to talk about the present, the now 49-year-old Donk is quite busy with her activism work.

print by carin van der donk
print by Carin van der Donk

Source: dog theater

Being related to rather humanitarian activity, Donk doesn’t seem to have her own Instagram account or Twitter for that matters. Yet you can still see her work of photography on several other Instagram posts.

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I am pausing the original concept of these portraits; the transcripts of interviews right before the 2020 NYC Women’s March. Instead, if possible, I will go back to the subjects, and ask their thoughts on current #pandemic events. Today, these are my own musings: Did I pay attention to politics before 2016? Sure, I watched a bit of news, read the papers, and would shake my head at the nonsense American citizens were being fed regarding Universal Health Care. I would shrug my shoulders, figuring it’s just one thing about my beloved adopted country I was failing to grasp, nor a polite conservation to have with people. Did I vote in local elections? Nah. I only became a citizen in 2012, and I registered as an Independent. So, I basically squandered my vote, because in NYC, your vote really only has value in the primaries (think @AOC). All that changed with the presidential election in 2016. I started going to events, I started to realize that there were these local politicians, that could use support, or needed to be voted out ASAP. I joined our local @manhattanCB6 community board. I got to know our #District2 CM @CarlinaRivera and her staff (pictured in the 2nd image are Pedro Carillo and Ivy Rosado). I learned that politicians like her see the failures of Federal policies first hand, and they and their staff work their hardest to try to fix things for their individual constituents as best they can. Carlina is also the representative (and resident) of a large #NYCHA development of over 2000 apartments, which were heavily damaged during Hurricane Sandy. As a result, she knows the failures of our national housing, and climate change policy well. She is now is also on the front lines of the epicenter of a Global Pandemic. I know that locally, I am in good hands. Going forward, I will vow to support politicians like Carlina, and try to vote out the bad apples (and yes, I am now a registered Democrat). (FYI – Originally, Carlina spoke about her deep anxiety, and concerns for her constituents when it comes to #climatechange.)

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Just recently on the Pandemic, she revealed that going forward, she would now vow to support politicians like Carlina and try to vote out the bad apples. She’s now a registered Democrat, she jokes. 

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