A comedian who has participated in various stand-up comedy competition like STAND UP NBC’s 2016 and NBC’s LAST COMIC STANDING is none other than Candice Thompson who is a gorgeous, charming and hardworking woman.

Candice is a type of woman who always wants to make everyone laugh. Even in the initial years of her career, she did face lousy experience but slowly and gradually because of her hard work; she was able to make jokes from her real-life experiences. She even worked part-time in different offices.

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However, people are quite excited to know Candice Thompson dating affair. So, who is Candice Thompson boyfriend? Also, find the figure of Candice Thompson net worth. On deck, we’ll be exploring Candice Thompson wiki facts, bio, boyfriend, net worth, age, height, parents, and family.

Candice Thompson’s Dating, Boyfriend, or Married?

Candice Thompson is a famous comedian who has amazed her fans through her skills. She has touched the hearts of many people and also have been an aspiration for them. Most of them are curious to know Candice Thompson boyfriend or husband if she’s already married.

Well, Candice Thompson’s dating life is quite mysterious as she hasn’t spoken anything to the fans and media personality. It seems like Candice is currently single and hasn’t married anyone yet. Nothing much is in the records of her dating history.

There aren’t any details about her boyfriends and past relationships. She is focusing on her career rather than being in a dating relationship. Her social media posts don’t hint us anything about her boyfriend or husband.

Hence, it’s safe to say that Candice is single and is living her life elegantly.

Candice Thompson Was Sexually Assaulted

Once on a Saturday night, when Candice went out for some drinks with her friend, Jason,  she was sexually assaulted. She was tipsy and hence, she and Jason decided to stay at Thompson’s apartment. During the night, Jason and Thompson slept together on the same bed and she only remembers Thompson saying No to Jason who was trying to kiss her.

The next day, she woke up feeling abused, however, she kept it to herself. For days, she would not bathe and eat and locked herself in her room. She, later on, went to a hospital to check herself for rape, but since it had been days, nothing concrete came up. Candice also went to the police for investigation but not a single thing came out. Now, Candice has forgotten about her past and has moved on. But, this topic is still a sensitive one for her.

Candice Thompson Net worth and Professional Career

Candice faced many difficulties while pursuing stand-up comedy as her career but eventually managed to overcome it. She used to visit clubs, have drinks with her friends and performed comedy there.

Candice did appear in the famous shows like MTV’s series Acting Out, Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing where she was a finalist. She created Creepy Caress which was a sketchy web-series where her fellow comedian, Brenda Colonna joined in the year 2011.

Candice even had a YouTube channel where she posted videos which were all about the embarrassing situations, black comedy jumbled with overstated expressions. She used her real-life experiences in her jokes and punch lines. She was also the host of the podcast The Struggle which became very successful.

After getting successful in her pursued career of a Stand-up Comedian, she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and featured in The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Candice has been playing a role of a comedian from her childhood days, making every laugh. However, she also performed in various TV shows and also made in finals in NBC comedy competition in the year 2016. Through all those works, she has made an enormous sum of amount. But what’s the figure of Candice Thompson net worth?

As of 2018, Candice Thompson net worth is under review.

Candice Thompson Wiki – Bio: Age, Height, Parents, Family

The America based actress as well as a comedian, Candice Thompson was born in the year 1986 in Queens, New York, USA. Her birthday falls on 30th March, which makes her age 32.

Candice is of mixed ethnicity and has a decent height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

She was born to her parents Howard and Joyce Thompson. She has an elder sister named, Danielle Thompson. When she was a child, she moved to Cincinnati, Ohio due to his father’s job. Her parents are of African-American and Native American descent

Candice completed her high school education from Ohio. She pursued her degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She was also sexually assaulted by her college friend on a graduation day.

While completing her graduation, Candice realized that she wanted to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. So, she decided to achieve it and moved to Los Angeles. She didn’t have any experience of the stage life. Therefore to convince her parents, she started to work for a company in Los Angeles.

She always had the great support of her elder sister as she also accompanied her to Los Angeles.