Cancer is like those uninvited and unwelcome guests in your house who always spreads the undesirable energy whenever they are around. Sometimes it appears without any prior notice too. Cancer symptoms look like normal health obligations sometimes and at times it hits you right away and takes you to the hospital bed. Well, we all know prevention is always better than cure, but at intervals, it is hard for us humans to distinguish the cancer myths and the symptoms.

Here are some top 5 cancer symptoms and myths:

1. It is in your genes (myth):

 You do not get everything genetically, cancer is something you get it on your own.
You do not get everything genetically, cancer is something you get it on your own.

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Oh! They got it from their parents; um actually it is in their genes. The history of their lineage has nothing to do with cancer he/she became a victim of. It can happen to anyone, anytime and at anyplace. You might come from a very healthy family background and nobody as per your knowledge might have ever got caught by it, but then you might develop it. The maximum percentage of them who are occupied by it doesn’t even have any records of their family pedigree suffering from cancer.

Skin cancer is caused only due to the sun (myth)

Don't Blame the Sun alone
Don’t Blame the Sun alone

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Hey! Chill you are not exposed to sunlight, so it is indisputable that you will even have a skin cancer. Excuse me! Did anybody tell you that skin cancer is not dependent on the sun? Who said it would only affect the areas which are apparent to the sun?  Melanoma, the greater cause of skin cancer might form in any parts of the body, and it even reaches out to the areas of one’s body where the sun exposure is less or null.

Cancers are mostly seen in women (myth)

Cancer does not bother to know which gender are you.
Cancer does not bother to know which gender are you

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Oh! It’s a curse to be born as a woman because breast cancer is the foremost reason of deaths. Well, honey! The only good thing about cancer is, it does not discriminate males from females. In the health concerns, breast cancer is not the top most ailment which leads to death; heart disease is the one. Talking about the form of cancer which leads to a death of the person is lungs cancer prevalent in both the genders. Each year, people dying from lungs cancer are maximum in number than breast, cervical or prostate cancer as a whole.

Not healing sores (symptoms)

Not healing sores are the symptoms of Cancer

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Have you been ignoring that sore in your mouth for a long time now? If this isn’t going back where it came from, it is time for you to rush to a doctor; the unsettling sores inside your mouth could be symptoms of oral cancer. If you are the one who happens to smoke a lot, drink too much of alcohol or chew tobacco and you notice this worsening sore in your mouth, then it’s time for you to get going for the check-up. One might notice such aggravate signs or eczema or marks in any part of the body, if it is staying there for a long time and you did every possible thing to treat it assuming it to be a normal allergy but is still there then it most probably could be the sign of cancer.

Unusual bleeding or discharge (symptoms)

unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge? time to talk to your gynecologist
unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge? time to talk to your gynecologist

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The strange spitting of blood from the mouth might be a symptom of lung cancer. If not lungs cancer, it definitely means something is not right inside your body which is equally coercing. Ladies, if you are getting an unexpected and unusual discharge or the change in color of your normal discharge, then it could be a warning bell of cervical cancer. Also, the abnormal discharge of blood in your stool could be a hint given by your body that’s causing a rectal or colon cancer. Hurry up, and take an appointment.

These are some prevailing myths and symptoms of cancer; there are plenty of other syndromes like extreme fatigue, uncommon loss of the weight, grievous coughing and the sudden skin change or formation of discolored moles or patches in a particular part of the body could be the warning signals of cancer. For the most parts, it’s hard to say if an individual has cancer. In fact, they might not be aware of the malady they are having unless some severe symptoms lead them to the hospital. So, in today’s time where we are facing the excessive pollution and are unaware of the food we eat which is not as pure as it used to be during the times of our grandparents, it is a must have to go out for regular health check-ups before it’s too late.