The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer has finally said Yes to her Fiance cum partner David C. Meyer’s accepting his proposal. The reality star who once said her life has become a total disaster has now gained hold of her life as Camille Grammer divorce settlement has also been finalized with husband  Kelsey Grammer.

So what’s next for the reality star Camille Grammer, will she marry her fiance or is she happy now being engaged. Also, know more of Camille Gramme wiki-bio along with the details of Camille Gramme net worth and Tv show as of 2017.

Camille Grammer Engaged to finance David C. Meyer!

[UPDATED – Camille Grammer and her fiance turned husband David C. Meyer married on 20 October 2018.] 

Finally, happy news for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans as well as Camille Grammer as she got engaged to boyfriend cum fiance David C. Meyer. Camille Grammer revealed her engagement news via her Twitter by thanking her fans for their congratulatory messages.

Camille Grammer hinted her engagement first with this tweet where she said;

Camille Grammer and fiance David Meyer were dating each other for about one year and a half before getting engaged. Camille Grammer and fiance David Meyer are so into each other that they are talking marriage, an insider reveals.

According to sources Camille Grammer is not against the thoughts of getting married and in an interview talking about her fiance David Meyer she said;

“I do care about him a lot. I have very strong feelings for him and I know it’s mutual. So we’ll see what happens. You never know.”

That’s great news for all Camille Grammer fans and who knows she might get married to her fiance David Meyer in the coming future.

Camille Grammer Divorce Settlement!

Camille Grammer and her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer had finally reached their financial divorce settlements. According to sources, Camille Grammer will get a huge sum of money from husband Kelsey Grammer. The Judge signed off an order stating Camille Grammer half of husband Kelsey Grammer 401K account.

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Camille Grammer husband Kelsey Grammer admitted that he had cheated on his wife and also blame himself for hiding the truth with his wife before doing the reality series. In an interview talking about their divorce Kelsey Grammer said;

“I was trying to pretend things were normal for the sake of letting her have that moment. It was just ill-advised,”

he added;

“It was the wrong decision and I should have come home from England when I first met Kayte [Walsh] and just said, ‘Listen I’ve met somebody and this hasn’t been working for a long time.’ I regret not doing that.

Kelsey further said;

“I thought I could do something nice, some parting thing and so it was very painful and uncomfortable,” explained Camille’s wayward former spouse. “It was uncomfortable for Kayte, it was uncomfortable for all of us.”

Camille Grammer divorce with husband Kelsey Grammer in February went on to be the most intense divorce in Hollywood history. Camille Gramme filed for divorce in July of 2010 while still filming the first season of RHOB. 

Camille Grammer and husband Kelsey Grammer were married form 1997 to 2011 and during their married life the couple had two children a daughter Mason, 16-year-old and son Jude 13-year-old. After filing for divorce Camille Grammer in an interview said;

“It’s been one year today I filed for divorce, I feel liberated!”

Also talking about her divorce at the Family Equality Council’s 2017 Camille Grammer said;

“I always thought that once I got married it was forever. My ex-didn’t think that,” “I should’ve realized that when I was number three.”

she also added;

“He changes marriages like he changes characters, you know, for movies or shows,”

Kelsey Grammer after the divorce went on to marry Kayte Walsh, with whom he had an intimate wedding. Camille Gramme is also now engaged to finance David Meyer and the couple might be planning their wedding soon.

Camille Grammer Wiki-Bio:

Camille Grammer is a multitalented Television Personality as she is a model, actress, dancer, and advocate. Camille Grammer was born on September 2, 1968, in Newport Beach, California, U.S. and Camille Grammer age is 48.

Camille Grammer family was an upper-middle-class family in New Jersey. Camille Grammer father was a financial adviser and the details of her mother are not revealed.

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According to Camille Grammer wiki, the reality star started her career at a very young age as a dancer, model, and actress. Also, Grammer used to write for Grammnet Production in her early days.

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Caption: Camille Grammer young age photo.

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Camille Grammer met her husband actor Kelsey Grammer in the year 1996, and Camille Grammer married her husband in Malibu, California, in the year 1997.

Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer wedding
Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer wedding

Photo Credit: Telegraph

After she divorced her husband Camille Grammer began dating fitness trainer and lawyer Dimitri Charalambopoulos. But the couple broke up pretty soon and the reason for the break up is not revealed yet.

Camille Grammer Net Worth

Camille Grammer net worth as of 2017 is $50 million and Camille salary is anonymous. The credit to Camille Grammer net wort goes to her career as a model, actress, dancer, and advocate. Also with her divorce with husband  Kelsey Grammer the divorce settlement will add the net worth of Camille Grammer.