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Is Cameron Dallas Dating Rachel Bentley after Jasmine? Find Out His Girlfriend!

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For the celebrity, every single day is not a usual day. Being sensation of the fans around the world, they merely would be able to conceal private affairs from the public. Cameron Dallas, well known social media star is one who have in-heart lead from fans. He is taken as the person to be dated by every girly fan he have. Cameron Dallas dating someone special, this news led to heart break for most of the girls. He was seen having affair with Rachel Bentley. Lets now dig into the news to know more!

Cameron and Rachel’s Viral Photo

Dallas is perceived as mystery man with no real proof about his deeds. While his affairs and private life was dark as hell for social media, he himself posted a picture in his Instagram account which created heart-break situation for most of girls. On 1st April 2014, he posted picture with Rachel Bentley.

Who is Rachel Bentley you say? She is well known as cheerleader from California and has presence over social media too. Rachel came to highlight after the photo was posted by Cameron.

The day after the pic was posted, the next picture showed them kissing at the sea side. As of the news, the photo was shooting by Bryant Eslava, well known photographer.

Is Cameron Dallas Dating Rachel Bentley?

Cameron made a bit of humour that day. In his twitter account, he later unveiled about making ‘April Fool’. Further he also stated that the best way to have prank with fans is by making a situation through which people couldn’t believe their eyes.

It’s Prank! Or was it? The mere prank could not be that far to shoot a kissing photo. Also there are numerous rumours about their holding hands, seen in different places together. Moreover, she was the one to help Dallas plan his mum’s birthday.

Although Cameron claims to be single now, we do not believe that statement. If it is really true, we hope he find best partner for his life.

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