The 21-years-old singer, Cade Foehner has been recognized as a rock god already, and why not! The singer in American Idol is taking his career and the status of the show to a whole new level with some eminence performances. Cade has already got a huge fan following, and in no time he will make a top class debut in the industry. Recently, Shelbyville native Cade Foehner has protected a spot in the Top 10 of “American Idol.” He sang Black Magic Woman when voting opened for the first time since the competition’s restart.  With excellence like this, he is undoubtedly one of the top contenders of American Idol. Today, we present you every detail about Cade Foehner wiki facts and his biography.

Are you eager to know Cade’s journey up until American Idol? Also, know Cade Foehner dating status, girlfriend, family, net worth, bio, career, height and wiki facts.

Cade Foehner Dating Affair; Who is His Girlfriend?

First things first, we have to accept that Cade Foehner’ long hair looks striking that adds more charm to his personality. But, is Cade Foehner dating someone? If then, who is his girlfriend? Let’s find out.

Caption: Cade Foehner with his partner, Bishop Briggs.

Don’t worry; Bishop isn’t Cade Foehner girlfriend. They just did a duet on American Idol. As of now, Cade is single and isn’t dating anyone. Cade has neither been married too. He might be in some mysterious relationship. However, the singer hasn’t revealed much anything related to his girlfriend and dating status. But it is hard to believe that the handsome looking Cade is still single. At present, he seems to be more focused on his career rather than being in a relationship.

People looking out for Cade Foehner girlfriend often search on his Instagram, but it’s just a waste of time. He has not posted a single picture of a girl who could be his girlfriend. So, unless Cade himself reveals his dating status, nothing can be confirmed.

We will update soon once we discover his secret girlfriend and dating status.

Cade Foehner Family

For Cade Foehner, his family comes first along with his career, as they have been continuously supporting him. His mother, Kelly Foehner who is a teacher at Center Elementary School, has always held him back. His Instagram yells about his strong bond with his mother.

Caption: Cade Foehner and his mother, Kelly Foehner.

The musician’s family has been encouraging him on social media ever since he got selected in American Idol. One of his siblings, Blaine Goodwyn said,

“When I saw him walk out with that golden ticket, it was like he made it. He did it. I’m crying now thinking of it. He finally got the yes, he needed to keep him going. It was motivation.”

Nothing much has been known about Cade Fohneir’s father.

Cade Foehner Bio: Early Life and Career

Cade Foehner was born in east Texas on July 24, 1997. He was born as the youngest of his siblings, sisters Blaine Goodwyn and Krystina Lout. Cade belonged to an ordinary family and grew up in the 100-acre farm in Shelbyville, Texas. He joined  Panola College and later attended Liberty University in Texas. It was during high school, Cade started playing guitar and formed his band called “Johnson’s Lost Crowes” which performed on several events and venues.

Caption: Cade Foehner urged his fans to vote for him.

Cade is currently busy in his American Idol’s journey. Before this, he also auditioned for The Voice season 11. Cade participated in Dallas International Guitar Festival’s 10 Under 20 contestant and was also one of the Louisiana Music Prize finalists. His social accounts are full of his songs and band practices. He considers Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix as his idols.

Cade Foehner Wiki Facts

Cade Foehner is currently in his twenties. His age is only 22. He is an American with cowboy instinct in his blood. According to Cade’s social accounts, he is a devotee and believer of the Lord Jesus.

Instagram: Cade Foehner young age photo

The Scorpion born Cade is a big fan of The Black Crowes. His long curly hair suits his great personality. Cade has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches, and he weighs around 73kg. As Cade is a guitar fanatic, he has Teye Apache guitar, Gibson J-45, Marshall AVT150H and Epiphone Les Paul Standard.

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Cade also uploads cover videos from prominent artists like Bob Dylan, Santana and Jimi Hendrix on his YouTube channel. Cade has over 91.9 K followers on his Instagram.