Nowadays, people spend plenty of time surfing the internet. The virtual world is the new home to many. Along with many cons, the internet also has pros which include a platform for new artists, marketing, global recognition and many more.

Similarly, the teen sensation Bryce Hall is a famous internet celebrity with an enormous fan base. Due to his admiration for social media, he became able to find a place in the Press Play Tour. Since 2014, Bryce is still chasing his dreams. His interactive nature and fun videos are alluring his fans.

With the increasing fame, female followers often wonder about Bryce Hall dating affair as they want to be his girlfriend. So, is Bryce Hall dating someone or is available on the market? Let’s know:

Bryce Hall Dating and Girlfriend

A social media phenomenon, Bryce Hall, can often be seen making ‘Boyfriend Feat’ videos with his friends on YouTube on his collaborative YouTube channel, Bryce & Mickey. Hence, the rumors of him being gay swirls around.

Bryce Hall is currently single. He has a straight sexual orientation. Bryce hasn’t shared anything about his personal life. He might have dated someone in the past, but he never exposed the names.

About a year ago, Bryce stated that he was looking for something serious and someone worth waiting for. for now he is single and living his life to fullest.

you say something? 📷: @samcahill

A post shared by Bryce Hall (@brycehall) on Jan 12, 2018 at 5:50pm PST

As we collect the info about his partner, we will update you soon.

Bryce Hall Net Worth

Despite being so young, Bryce is successful enough to make his net worth strong. Bryce Hall’s net worth is expected close to a million. He hasn’t disclosed the figure of his net worth yet. Hence, Bryce Hall net worth is under review, as of 2018.

As he is followed by many, he also earns an excellent share from Instagram, YouTube and musically. He is also doing some other projects too. He does have a driving license. So, he rides different types of car. Bryce also sells his merchandise including his iconic “Bruce Hall and chill” t-shirts.

Bryce Hall Rumors

During his Press Tour, Bryce Hall got involved in a major dispute in August 2015. Press Play is a social tour and management company. They select Bryce, along with other social network sensations. However, he got kicked out of the tour soon for abiding the rules. The reason his removal is reportedly believed to be his behavior which made some girls uncomfortable.

Bryce got so upset and breakneck that he posted on twitter that he wants to clarify the episode to his fans on YouNow, which will apparently ‘expose’ Press Play. Many of his well-wishers, counseled him not to drag the matter so far that he might regret it later. The official information isn’t available about his dismiss from the show. Some said Bryce was quite decent during the tour while others blame Press Play.

He ended his friendship with Duhitzmark as he accidentally revealed Bryce’s phone number on the internet. Later in the sequence, Bryce answered to Mark and leaked his number.

Bryce Hall Bio: Early life and Career

Bryce Hall was born in Maryland, on August 14, 2000. He is very close to his parents however he hasn’t revealed much about his past life, his schooling, and his parents. He is the only child of his parents.

Caption: Bryce Hall surprised his mom on her birthday.

Everything began after he started sharing his videos and photos. Bryce then started using the app to share lip-synced songs, which became very popular. He is also renowned for his collaborations with other internet celebrities on several social media stages. He has worked together with Whynot Joey and Loren Beech on and also teamed up with Kyle Stewart on a Vine video called ‘friends.’

Bryce also has a YouTube account where he often posts various ‘challenge’ videos with his friends. Bryce did the Sauce Challenge video with Jacob Sartorius. Then in 2015, he published the video on YouTube. He also does Q & A sessions on his YouTube channel and replies to many fan queries.

Bryce frequently interacts with his fan base. He often asks them for bits of advice whenever he carries doubts.

Bryce Hall Wiki Facts

Bryce is 18 years old and holds American citizenship. He is very fond of dogs. His dog name is Cici. His zodiac sign is Leo.

He has a huge fan following on different social media accounts. Bryce is famous for his Instagram and accounts. He has over 1.3m followers on his Instagram account. Bryce has more than 1m followers on his account. He has over 347k 1followers on his twitter account and over 491k subscribers on his YouTube channel.