Brock Ciarlelli who plays the role of Brad Botting in the show called ‘The Middle‘ is gathering a lot of hearts from his acting skills. Is brad from the middle gay in real life as he recently came out as gay in the show but is he gay in real life? He looks as though he has come more in contact with his feminine side if we are to judge from his Instagram. Does Brock Ciarlelli have a girlfriend?

Read more to know who Brock Ciarlelli is dating as of now. Also, find out more about his career his upcoming movies along with details of Brock net worth wiki like bio and family.

Brock Ciarlelli is dating an Indian girlfriend?

Brock Ciarlelli is not currently reported to be dating with anyone, but if we are to look at his Instagram post from 2014, he seemed to be dating an Indian girlfriend named Tansu Phillip. He clearly posted on Instagram with a caption

“I am dating…”

But as we went through the current posts of Tansu, it looks like she has already moved on with another guy.

Either that or they were never really together, and this just happened to be Brock’s way of goofing around with his friend Tansu as they both seem to have graduated from the same university. Aside from this post with his friend, we have not caught any other suspicious activity regarding his girlfriend in the present.

On March 2014, Brock also tweeted that he was dating Mindy Kaling. But, it was nothing more than a joke as he was not in an intimate relationship with anyone.

Is Brock Ciarlelli Gay? Fans question him on Instagram

Yes, it is true how Brock plays the role of Brad in the ABC network show called ‘The Middle,’ but the question arises, is he gay in real life too? The answer is no! He hasn’t publicly come out or anything yet, so we can say that he isn’t gay.

But there is a lot of speculation, and also many people are saying that his character in rather feminine and so are his Instagram posts. Also, there are many comments on his Instagram pictures asking him if he is gay.

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Ass good ass it gets.

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Caption: Brock in a feminine pose being questioned by fans if Brock is gay.

Even if he is gay, then we would want to tell him that we’d love him just the same. Gay or not, it doe does not make our love any less for you Brock. Also, many of his fans wonder who Brock Chiarelli wife but sadly brock is not married to have a wife.

Brock Ciarlelli seems to be gay, right? These days, he is posing with a young man, Kameron Tarlow.

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We S(t)an Francisco.

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Be kind, rewind.

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Do you think the two are dating? It seems they are, right?

Brock Ciarlelli Wiki-Like Bio

Ciarlelli was born on July 12, 1993, and is at the age of 25. Brock has done his graduation from  Chapman University with a degree in Mathematics. The only information of his parents is his mother is Priscilla and no more details of his parents are revealed by the young star. Though Brock Chiarelli age is too young, his ambition to become an actor has paid off.

Instagram: Brock Ciarlelli childhood photo

Brock is an emerging actor having played different roles in different movies and TV series so far. Brock is best known for playing Brad in ABC network show called ‘The Middle.’

There he plays the boyfriend of lead daughter Sue. He has also played in other movies like Beth and Ali (2013) and  2.0(2010). He is currently busy in the show called Valet which is a comedy TV series released in 2016.

Brock is still working in the series and is very dedicated towards it. His achievements are great so far winning awards like “Best Performance in a TV Series” three years in a row. Since he is an emerging star, Brock net worth is under review. But looking at his long career we can assume that Brock net worth is at least $1 million. 

Quick Facts of Brock Ciarlelli

Where is Brock Ciarlelli originally from?

Littleton, Colorado, US

What the nationality of Brock Ciarlelli?


Which ethnicity does Brock Ciarlelli follow?


Under which birth sign was Brock Ciarlelli born?


How old is Brock Ciarlelli?

25 years old

What color are Brock Ciarlelli’s eyes?


How tall is Brock Ciarlelli?

5 feet 5 inches