A rumor has it that Brittany Hockley will steal the heart of The Honey Badger, aka Nick Cummins in the Bachelor Australia. Yes! She is the similar face who attempted potential presenting career awkwardly on a fictional Getaway-style travel program. Will she be the one for Nick Cummins on the show? Or, only the gossip has been startling among the audience? Aren’t you inquisitive to get familiar with a hyped contestant, Brittany Hockley wiki? Is Brittany Hockley boyfriend, Nick Cummins?

Let’s dig in Brittany Hockley’s bachelor, bio, wiki, job, height, Instagram and boyfriend.

Is Brittany Hockley boyfriend, Nick Cummins?

She is on the verge of enticing Nick Cummins. Well, the Bachelor is all about developing romance associated with rivalries among the competitors. Hence, the brunette, Brittany Hockley has no intention of stepping backward for Nick Cummins.


Caption; Is Nick Cummins boyfriend of Brittany Hockley?

The speculation regarding Brittany Hockley and Nick Cummins chemistry surfaced when they underwent yacht date and even filmed the entire scenario. Amidst the filming, the duo rekindled popular Titanic scene. Isn’t that adorable?

Also, she got an opportunity of solo date with Nick Cummins. It comprised of boating, golf course, and a steamy pool session. On the same date, the pair shared a romantic kiss between the two. Is it the hint that honey badger is in the magical wind of brunette. The gossip regarding Brittany Hockley’s final stance on the Bachelor for Cummins made a roundabout when she opened up to the producers:

Once nick suggested we go for a swim in the pool, I thought, “obviously he’s seen something” and he’s interested.’ And for the first time, I thought, “I wonder if he’s going to kiss me?” this is very romantic!’

Brittany Hockley TV Shows

Prior to Bachelor, Brittany has not been afraid of cameras. Back in 2012, the internet is witness o the video, which showcased Lighthouse Beach in her hometown of Port Macquarie, New South Wales.  That was quite a cringe-worthy hosting of the Getaway-style travel program. However, she was against Romy for being an actress and competing for Cummins, while Alisha Aitken-Radburn cited:

‘Brittany gets in Romy’s face about being an actress when she has a star now profile and has a bloody getaway showreel on YouTube – it’s those double standards that get me.’


Caption; Brittany Hockley on The Bachelor Australia

It seems as if she was pursuing a career in the glamour world before entering to The Bachelor. Now, she is an attempt to win every date for Honey Badger and ignite a passionate romance with him.

Brittany Hockley Wiki-Bio

She hails from the birthplace of Nick Cummins, Port Macquarie, New South Wales. Brittany Hockley age is 30 years old, who adores adventures, traveling and dogs.


Caption; Brittany  Hockley and Sheri Hockley

She describes herself as optimistic and down to earth passionate girl. The brunette, Brittany Hockley is a radiographer by profession, who seeks ideal boyfriend to be “an outdoorsy bloke who loves being spontaneous and going on adventures.”

In 2014, Hockley traveled more than 50 countries with sister, Sheri Hockley. She is indeed close to her family. Brittany Hockley Instagram revealed her parents celebrating 39 years of togetherness and blissful marriage life.